My busy October.. :D

It`s been a while since I wrote last- and that`s due to a few different things:

– Like my dad always says, “no news equals good news”- cause when I`m just happy and content, I don`t have the same urge to blog every day (not so confused anymore;)

-I now have a new job that I really love- in a cafe at Pac Fair where I spend my days making wraps and salads, drinking coffee while talking to the nice girls I work with:) – So that worked out wonderfully! 😀

– October is, and has always been the busiest month of the year here in Surfers… With final assignments to be handed in, presentations, Octoberfest,  Scavenger Hunt, Indy and Halloween… It`s been a blast, but now I`m ready to open my books, and study for the next 3 weeks until my last xam 17.November:)

I know it`s not the healthiest way to stay awake, but caffeine is my friend.. 🙂 Without coffee, studying would be a lot different.. I intend to get through these next few weeks with good grades, working money on my account and a tan from reading by the pool- then, I`ll be ready for vacation:)

-That was my October! 😀


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