Information overload:s

It`s the middle of studyweek, and the end of the semester is approaching.. Everybody`s cramming as much information as humanly possible into their heads, trying their best to keep it there until the day of the exam when all the information will be written down on paper with 2b pencil before it again disappears into nothingness like the studying never happened.. :p

People have very different ways of reacting in this stressful period- and most people seems to put on a different personality for these 2-3 weeks. Some people get super- stressed and spend their whole days from morning to-night at the library (-sometimes they even sleep there), some are relaxed as few until they discover that they`re far behind, and study 24/7 for the last few days, while others just kind of  “space out” until they`re done due to thought- overload.. 😉 I tend to be very calm about the whole thing, until I get a momentarily breakdown at some point in the middle of all the exams, wishing that I had read more.. It only last for a minute, but it`s still a horrible minute:s It`s stillearly, and so far my panic attach hasn`t showd it`s tearful face, but I`m sure it will come (maybe next week some time? :p) Until then, I`m blissfully aware of everything else that need to be done (aka clean the fridge, bake muffins, sort my clothes, get new music, clean the bathroom, make lasagna etc..), Well, I did stay at uni from 10-4 reading, so I`m not as bad as I seem, but you could always study just a little bit more.. Apparently I`m the type of person that studys a lot harder when people around me are studying since I`m the master of distractions, and without the good idea of dragging my butt up to uni to study, I probably would`ve been a lot further behind.. 🙂 Only 3 exams to go- and this time 2 weeks from now, I`ll be done and it will be time for celebration:D

But now, Vampire Diaries, then back to studying:D


Embrace diversity

I meet lots of interesting people at my job that I probably would never have met anywhere else… Some are curious about the shoes etc, and walk around the store saying things like “Who would ever wear these? Look at them! hahahah” etc (if you think they`re so stupid, why walk in here in the first place?). Others just loooooooove everything, and dance around the store while trying shoes (sometimes they need the special edition sizes) before they leave the store as happy owners of a new pair:) I do like my job quite a bit mostly because of all the different people I get to talk to during my shifts 😀 ( but when it`s dead quiet the time passes by unbelievably slow, and the only thing I think of is how much uni work I could have done instead of cleaning shelves for the 10th time in an hour… Oh well, the money`s good though- so it`s all worth it in the end..).

People are different.. That`s what makes life so interesting! 😀 Everyone`s turned out to be the person they are due to a million different factors.. Genes from their parents and family, their childhood, how they were raised, the environment they grew up in (at home, their school, friends etc), and their personalities.. Everyone`s different, and it takes more than a first impression to really know or understand someone. People have a lot of different insecurities, and even the seemingly most confident girl or guy might act in a different way than what`s natural to them because they feel insecure in a way.. I admire people who dare to be themselves- even if it means showing their insecurities to the world..  Like many others, a million insecurities- but I`m aware of them, and believe that I handle myself quite well despite of them:) Like how I always seem to say what`s on my mind even though it might not make much sense to people unless they really know me (i.e. keeping lots of different conversation subjects going at the same time- and randomly jump between them…), how my surroundings seems to suddenly change several times a day which often results in me either dropping thing on the ground, or banging into things… I`ve already managed to bump my head into one of the glass shelves at work twice… Aouch! :p  -But hey, that`s me:D Our little quirks is what makes us different to each other, and even though some people might find your quirks annoying, I say let`s just be ourselves, and embrace diversity rather than wishing that we were different:)


I recon there`s two types of people in the world- the ones that have a positive outlook on life no matter what might come in their way, and the ones that look at the world in a more negative way.. I consider myself to be a positive person, and I know that no matter what happens, it will work itself out in the end. But when the end of the semester and the finals are approaching, and the assignment stress is building up, even I tend to forget my “everything will be oki”- attitude, and stress a bit.. I`m longing for the long, summer days I had in Norway in July…. Yesterday my computer “broke” (or something??), I have plenty of uni work in front of me, and even though I enjoy my new job, it seems like I`ll be working almost every day (even though only for 3-4 hours per shift)- which makes it harder to structure my tine.. Pressure:s Puh! Luckily I have a friend that know a lot about computers, so hopefully he can help me sort my dear PCKåre out, and I just need to lock myself in for a few days concentrating on my assignments and I`ll be fine.. Oki- better get to it then!

Good luck with assignments everyone- hang in there! Counting the days to I`ve handed in these two big ones, and I can catch up on some well- deserved sleep and enjoy having a social-life again… 😀

Concentrate much?

I`ve always thought of bringing my laptop to class as a smart idea- that way you don’t have to print out the lecture slides beforehand, and you can write notes etc…. Bringing your laptop to class is actually not smart.. AT ALL!! I`m now 2/3 into a workshop, and in that time I`ve managed to catch up with a friend on the fb chat, write several messages, plan a girls night, check my e-mail, fix my resume and now I`m writing in my  blog… :s The funny thing is that I sort of feel like I did when I was in middle school- writing notes in class and passing it to my friends around the classroom hoping that the teacher wouldn`t find out… Cheeky! :p I can`t help that I have a bit of a concentration problem? (or can I…?). It seems like I`m doing alright though- I`ve managed to finish my assignments in time, read for my quizzes etc… My study- style is  just more of a “read until you fall asleep even after you`ve had 10 redbulls because you`ve been reading for 4 days straight before an exam”- kind of girl… and it works great! 😀 Is masters really not harder, I keep thinking…. Is it the way I feel- just a continuation on the bachelor degree? Or is it just that I`m used to it by now, and find it easier? -(or is it actually really hard, and I`m going to be shocked in the weeks leading up to the final exams?). Hm- I`m hoping for the second:p The thing is that I actually quite enjoy my courses.. They`re all about events (like fashion shows etc), and it`s interesting as few! (yup, I did just write that… -again! haha :p).

I finally worked up the courage to check my bank balance- and omg- I need to get a job asap! I`ve applied a few places, but after uni today, I`ll take ML`s advice and print out like 1000 resumes, and hand them out everywhere in Aus Fair and Surfers… Hopefully I`ll find something quick! Ìt`s my last semester (again:p), and it would be quit sad if I don`t have money to do anything fun…. I still haven`t seen Sydney or Great Barrier Reef after 4 years! That`s shocking… :s I can always come back next year after I`ve been working up some money and actually have money to spend, but it would be nice to be able to at least afford a little get- away during mid- sem break in 3 weeks time… Something to look forward to:)

Well- I better starting paying attention to our lovely Aussie teacher… Who`s probably aware that I`m only glimpsing up at the powerpoint every few seconds to hide the fact that I`m not at all present:p

-Have a great day everyone! 😀


Eple…. 😀 Whenever I`m supposed to remember a name, song, place, movie etc, the first (and sometimes the only) word that pops into my mind is Eple… (apple in Norwegian). When this weird thing started I don`t know, but it`s quit annoying! Specially when you`re supposed to come up with a name for you group in a class at uni where you`re supposed to come up with a great name for a hypothetical event…We decided to make a sustainable fashion event, and I can`t really call it “Apple”, can I? yet another one of my weird treits….;p  


People are different, that`s for sure, and things that might come easy to some people, can be really hard for others.. Having been Sinus my whole life, I`m quite certain about what I`m capable of- what I`m able to achieve if I just work hard, what I`m quite good at, and what`s almost impossible for me to do… “Managing Finance Resolutions” is one of the latter…. :s I was never a “math- person” in high school- and struggled my way to barely pass, and the day I finished, I was unbelievable happy to never having to deal with numbers anymore… (except for the odd +, -, x or / on my phone :p). And what happened yeeeeeeeeears later? I start a master’s degree where one of the 8 coursesI have to take is a finance course… I got quite stressed actually, but after a good talking-to from my friends, I decided to give it a try…. But iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiik! What have I gotten myself into?? I have to say I tried… Sitting there with my lecture slides, taking notes (and trying my best not to fall asleep:s). After trying to understand what might as well have been Greek for about 1h (when I though I was on the right track), a guy in my class asked the teacher a question, and when he answered, I realised that I was totally off… So in our break- I ran as fast as my little legs could carry me and jumped on the bus home… :p (it`s like I`m scared of numbers or something? Is it normal to have a phobia for numbers?). Well, after some thinking, I have decided to give it another try (or 10…). So from tomorrow onwards, I`ll do my best to do solve math problems, read my book (after having bought or borrowed the book), attend tut`s etc… Who knows,  maybe I`ll surprise myself and suddenly get a new-found interest in this whole numbers- thing? I can just picture myself in a grey cubicle- dressed in a grey suit, wearing my hair in a bun, typing numbers all day…. (Oh, no- now I`ll probably have a nightmare tonight… :s).

-Other than this minor hickup, I love my courses and everything`s just wonderful (even though it probably doesn`t seem like it after this post:p). Yup, my life is all “sunshine, lollipops and rainbows” 😀

Am I ever going to learn? :p

Second week at uni and so far I`ve managed to enrol in 2 wrong courses (out of 4:p).  The last one I only found ou randomly today from a girl in my class after I haven`t only attended last week`s lecture and 2 tut`s (and actually really enjoyed the course and both my teachers) -I even got participation marks! Typical.. :p  Well, maybe I should`ve understood that since “Event Management” is my major, having “Tourism & Hospitality Marketing” instead of “Sport & Event Marketing” is a bit odd… But no harm done- it`s  just a bit annoying , that`s all:) Now I should finally be on the right track for my masters….:0

On the other end it`s been an interesting few days.. Everybody`s finally back in Markwell ave (-and beyond), and we`re all trying to adapt to the new semester and everything new- even though the family itself is the same:) It`s a bit of a different start to this semester than the last (when we more or less did nothing else but partying for the first few weeks- but to my defence, I wasn`t studying then..:p). Now we`re apearantly started on a new more sensible track: -we`ve learned that in order to get good grades, and not get to stressed as the weeks are passing, we need to balance every aspect in our everyday- uni, work, partying and social life:) I know we`ll manage well- we`re already off to a good start! 😀 Since I swapped my course, it`s one less day I have to get up at 6 (weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee)  😀 

Only 1 more week of living all bunked up, and we`ll be getting our flat here at Genesis:) Can`t wait to have space for all my stuff! (my zillion things have been stuffed into ML`s wardrobe for the last few months- poor girl!). When it comes to my clothes, I`m a bit of a neat- freak,  all colour coded and organized.. After we`ve stached all our stuff in our new home, we`ll have to go to IKEA to get some essentials (i.e. scented candles, cuddly pillows, towels etc:)- and probably some Scandinavian goods as well 😀 Can`t wait to have a real home again (even though living with my darlings have been just amazing- it`s going to be heaven to have space for all my stuff again… :D). Enjoy the rest of your day!