Time sure flies!

I’ve now been home for over a month now- and it’s only 11 more days left before I head back to Oz- palm trees, pureblonde, goon, Fiddlers, Billy’s, La Familia, white sandy beaches, the hottub (without bubbles), uni, soycoffe, dark nights, long balcony talks, Johnny Cash- and lots of hugs from my friends that I’ve missed this summer….:) I’ve had amazing summer with my loved ones at home, and I’m looking forward to moving back now more than ever… ❤

-in about 2 minutes I’ll go to bed and read my mum’s magazines while listening to the quiet night in Risør

-in 2 days I’ll be at my dad’s place (hopefully with my brother Daniel that I haven’t seen since last summer who just got back from Holland)

-in (less than) 2 weeks I’ll be back on the GC with my darling friends- sipping passion pop on the balcony while sharing pictures and memories of our summers apart ❤

-in about 2 months I’ll probably be a bit stressed about assignments (i know myself… -even though I start out every semester great plan of starting early- I just never seem to learn:p)

-in 2 years I’ll be on summer vacation from a job I love- probably in Rome which is my absolute favorite place in the whole world

-in 20 years maybe I’ll celebrate the 15th year anniversary of my clothing brand- still waking up every day smiling, cause I’m so thankful for how great my life has turned out…. 🙂


Same, same..?

Some things change, while other things stays the same.. I´m older & wiser (-but not necessarily smarter :p), and no matter how old I get, I´ll always be the girl who acts on her feelings and just does things without thinking or considering what´s the more sensible thing to do..:) I´ve been home for a while now, and my feelings towards the choices I´ve made lately haven´t changed- but now I understand why I´ve made them (-after talking to people who know me better than I know myself.. :). It´s almost scary, how I can just about open my mouth (or sometimes not even that´s necessary) for a person to know how I really feel.. In a way it´s very comforting, while on the other hand it makes it impossible to ´keep secrets´ from my dearest:p  At least now I know that all the things I´ve done the last few months are right.. -because my gut- feeling tells me so! (as well as these mind- reading people apparently 🙂 ).

Today I´ve actually been shopping a bit for the first time in what seems like forever.. :s (-and the student loan isn´t even on my account yet… terrible judgement!! ). So now I´m the proud owner of a new blue Friis bag (Danish bag- design:p), and 2 new bikinis… :p Hopefully I´ll get the debt letter in the mail tomorrow so I can sign it, send it back and get my $$!  (I´m in need…:p). It´s like it always seems to be when you´re waiting for something…. -the time just seems to pass by slooooower than ever.. Hmm- I´m aware that I´m probably the most impatient person in the world- which makes the wait seem even longer.. :s But I know the money will get here eventually, and everything will work itself out- and it´s going to be an amazing summer! 😀

Young forever (Jay- Z & Mr. Hudson)

Let’s dance in style
Let’s dance for a while
Heaven can wait we’re only watching the skies
Hoping for the best but expecting the worst
Are you gonna drop the bomb or not?


27 going on 17…?

In Surfers we tend to party a bit more than they do in other cities.. There´s lots of different reasons for this:

  • summer all year around lightens the mood and is the perfect atmosphere for óutside beer´(utepils)
  • because we´re a minority (Norwegians) we´re pretty close, but there´s still a lot of us on the GC, so it´s always someones birthday, going away party, housewarming etc – always a reason to celebrate:d
  • cheap beer & wine (compared to Norway)
  • every day is a party in Australia’s Ibiza

So when I went out last night for the first time since I got back home a few days ago I was pretty sure my tolerance for alcohol had reached new limits, but nope.. I had like 4-5 G&T, and felt `tipsy as few´(;p) stumbling my way through Tbg city on 1000 year old paving stone in my high heels….. :s Charming! (-and waking up with a vague memory of talking to people I haven´t seen for ages while trying to focus… Can I blame it on jet lag?? No more drinks for me!! ). I even had to call my dad and ask him to pick us up… Felt like I  was 17 again:s Poor dad- driving to get us in his robe at 4 in the morning:s That´s love! 🙂

Time sure flies…. Now my dear family and friends in Oz are finishing their last assignments and reading for their exams into the wee hours of the morning before it´s time to head home for summer (-or go on adventures around the globe:). The next few weeks are going to be lovely, wonderful, exiting, fun & happy:D -but suddenly I´ll be back in Oz for my first sem as a postgard student… It´s going to be an interesting semester to say at least!! New degree, new roomies (-I´m moving in with my darlings Fraggle & Monty :D) -hmmm- things are changing… Who´d have known? 🙂 I need to buy lots of new things for my new life as a postgrad student.. I need a new phone cause `Bob`is starting to get a bit old poor thing:s  (Bob is my old little sony ericsson that I´m quite sure is from before WW2…  I´ve been using it as ´punishment´ since I accidentally lost my fancy phone last year:s) I need a notebook (-WITH æøå cause it´s driving me crazy not to have these 3 wonderful letters!).. I might even get a pair of glasses (with plain glass since I don´t really need them)- in order to look a bit smarter… :p What do you think?

-Then I´ll be ready to learn lots of new stuff:D