Information overload:s

It`s the middle of studyweek, and the end of the semester is approaching.. Everybody`s cramming as much information as humanly possible into their heads, trying their best to keep it there until the day of the exam when all the information will be written down on paper with 2b pencil before it again disappears into nothingness like the studying never happened.. :p

People have very different ways of reacting in this stressful period- and most people seems to put on a different personality for these 2-3 weeks. Some people get super- stressed and spend their whole days from morning to-night at the library (-sometimes they even sleep there), some are relaxed as few until they discover that they`re far behind, and study 24/7 for the last few days, while others just kind of  “space out” until they`re done due to thought- overload.. 😉 I tend to be very calm about the whole thing, until I get a momentarily breakdown at some point in the middle of all the exams, wishing that I had read more.. It only last for a minute, but it`s still a horrible minute:s It`s stillearly, and so far my panic attach hasn`t showd it`s tearful face, but I`m sure it will come (maybe next week some time? :p) Until then, I`m blissfully aware of everything else that need to be done (aka clean the fridge, bake muffins, sort my clothes, get new music, clean the bathroom, make lasagna etc..), Well, I did stay at uni from 10-4 reading, so I`m not as bad as I seem, but you could always study just a little bit more.. Apparently I`m the type of person that studys a lot harder when people around me are studying since I`m the master of distractions, and without the good idea of dragging my butt up to uni to study, I probably would`ve been a lot further behind.. 🙂 Only 3 exams to go- and this time 2 weeks from now, I`ll be done and it will be time for celebration:D

But now, Vampire Diaries, then back to studying:D


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