Who am I?

sina bw



I´m a girl from Norway who´s been on the beautiful Gold Coast in Oz ever since I arrived as a backpacker i September- 06. I´ve experienced a lot so far- I finished my Bachelor degree at uni and I´ve met a million amazing people who I´m now happy to call my friends:) I´m starting a Masters program in July, and the we´ll see where it takes me.. 🙂 I live by following my heart, and because of that, I´m tend to be quite impulsive.. I believe that if  you ´re open to all the wonderful things life has to offer- anything can happen!! Life is a magical place… you just have to pay attention to the ´small stuff´<3 I write about things and people who are special to me, and about things that get to me in different ways..

Welcome into my little bubble, and feel free to post a comment- I love feedback in any shape or form:)


One Response to “Who am I?”

  1. pappa Says:

    Hei Sina!

    Har sett på bloggen din nå! Kjemeartig å lese og se bildene dine her, ikke minst tankene dine når, som du selv nevner, vi altfor sjelden ringes. Takk for Skype samtalen i dag forresten, det var kjempekoselig!

    Hils Bertus masse, vi snakkes snart!

    Klem fra pappa

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