-don`t stress the small stuff.. ;)

It amazed me  how time passes..  Every time the clock ticks, another second has passed (then minutes, hours, days, weeks, month, years and so on), it`s just a bit fascinating that it passes so quickly no matter what you decide to spend your precious time on.. I arrived the GC kinda by chance- with the intent to stay for just about 3 months. Then I decided to stay longer for different reasons (even though some of them now have changed), and now it`s 4 years later.. Where did the time go? No matter what I decide to do with my days, how I`m feeling, or who I spend time with, time is still going to pass- tick by tick. And because of this, it`s important to live every day as if it was your last.. Feel every feeling, laugh every time you get the chance, and don`t stress the small stuff.. (off course it might be hard to decide what`s concidered to be small stuff- because it might seem bigger to some than others. Someone resently told be that niceness is special, and it shouldn`t be wasted on people who doesn`t return it…-I think there`s something to it:). Life is short- and time is the most precious thing we have, so we should spend time doing what we love with those who matter the most- the ones that make you happy, that makes you laugh, that you can learn something from, and that you feel safe with.. So even though some people decides to only walk along your path for a short period of time, there are many people that are happy to walk with you the rest of the way:)

-Treasure each moment

-follow your heart

-never stop dreaming

-be true to yourself and those around you.. 🙂



In a way the heart is a puzzle combined by lots of different pieces… Every time you love someone (in a friend-, family- or romantic way), you give them a piece of your heart. The good thing is that when people love you they give you a piece of their heart back, so you never run out of puzzle- pieces:) When it’s been a while since I’ve seen my dearest, it feels like the pieces are all scattered around in there, and it’s hard to make them fit together…But with the help from you  loved ones, you’ll tidy up the ‘mess’ and your heart will be whole again:p The heart is what the heart is.. You have no control what- so- ever over how something or someone makes you feel,even though it can be hard to understand these feelings from time to time. In my opinion though, the best chance anyone has to happiness, is to follow you heart….:)

I might as well be on the moon….

The worst thing about being on the opposite side of the world from your family and friends, is when something bad happens to someone you love.. A few weeks ago my friends’ granddad got sick, and even though he seemed to hang in there for a while, unluckily he passed before my friend got home for summer.. This morning I got news that my grandma is ill, and that really got to me… I’ll be home in 5 days, and I can’t wait to hug all the people who I love and make sure that they know how much they mean to me… I keep thinking that I should have written… I should have visited more often.. It’s hard when you’re as far away as if you where on ‘the moon’, and I can’t help but feeling helpless every time something has happened at home and I can’t be there… But everything always turns out good in the end- in one way or another -and I know it will now as well… Only tonight, Saturday and Sunday left here, then 56 hours of travelling (-and standby in KL and London)- and I’ll be back home:) See you soon my sweets! Remember that I LOVE YOU  ❤

<3 on my sleeve… :)

I just got back from having cocktails with ML and Helene after watching SATC 2 premiere…. -happiness:D Those 4 girls always make me smile no matter what’s going on in my life, and remind me how lucky I am to have equally good friends in my life as Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda are to each other…<3 And after a couple of years since the last movie, I was keen to see how the girls are doing..:p Loved it! 😀

-Now I suddenly only have 4 more days in Oz before I head home for summer.. so I better make the most of every moment (-even though I’m coming back for another semester though:) In less than a week I’ll be surrounded by my family and friends for about 6 wonderful weeks- bliss! It’s been the weirdest 4 months of my life I’m sure, and even though I have lots of wonderful people around me down under (-and have even been luck enough to add a few more wonderful people to my close- knit- circle here in Oz- yes, I’m talking about you Matte, Monty & Fraggle:D), it will be nice to see my ‘old’ friends again after all this time.. I’ve missed you guys!! A lot has happened these last few months, so it will probably be good to take myself out of the situation in order to let everything that’s happened sink in and to process thoughts, feelings etc…(bla, bla, bla:s).  I’m the type of person that lives and feels with everything that I am- and as I’ve mentioned before, I have my feelings written all over my face at all times.. I seldom sit down and think about what, why, how etc- I just do whatever feels right in the moment it feels right.. People have told me that they wish they too where more impulsive, but for me it’s sometimes the other way around.. I put myself out there a lot (- in all kinds of situations), and because of that, I keep winding up in situations where I’ve made myself vulnerable… But this way of being is all that I know, and no matter what happens in my life, I know it’s because I in some way have chosen to be there…  -and when it turns out good, it’s sooooooo worth it:D -I’m wearing my heart on my sleeve<3

A bit of a late night babbeling from my part, I know:p It must be a bit of an emotional ‘overload’ in here, so I feel the need to spill at certain times;)


Another one of my theories:

I believe that when something is right, it’s usually easy… Not that everything should come easy, or be simple to be right, but rather that when you keep struggling to make something happen, and get let down over and over,  I think it’s because it’s not the right thing.. I’m aware of that ‘life isn’t a dance on rose petals’, but I believe that what makes life worth living, is the things that make you happy- that make you smile.. 😀 Find what you love and do nothing else.. I’ve been in ‘limbo’ for most of this semester (-if I can call it that when I haven’t studied?), and even though there’s a lot of things to figure out still (!!), the practical stuff seems to go my way for the firts time in ages.. Like applying for a  masters degree: I was told it could take up to 2 weeks to receive the acceptance letter, but got it after 2 days… Or the transcript for my online course that would take about 1 week, was in the mailbox 2 days later.. Or when I handed in all the papers yesterday at uni (acceptance of offer, c- form etc), and it was supposed to take a few days, and then I was called less than 24 hours later letting me know that my COE (confirmation of enrolment) is now ready for pickup already… What this makes me feel is that its right- because it’s going my way:) So now, all of a sudden I’m planning on going back to Oz and uni in late July.. How did this happen?? Even though this (like most other good things in my life:) wasn’t planned, I think it will work out to be pretty great:)

Ps.. I’m sorry that I haven’t talked to you guys at home about this choice, but it all happend so unbelievable fast.. One day I was thinking about my options, the next I applied, and suddenly I’m about to enrol.. But you should know that this feels right- and it’s going to make my CV look a lot better, so it an’t be that bad, hey? And I’ll be home both for summer in 2 weeks (:D woop, woop!!), and for xmas for sure and I’ll make sure that you grow tired of me the weeks I’m there;p Love you!! ❤

Jeans vs dress- what to choose??

People tend to be quite indecisive- and so am I. It’s not always black or white, and it’s when you’re in the greyzone it can be hard to make a choice.. Specially when it comes to changing your life in a big way-  when you have to choose between staying where you are, or moving on. Think of it this way; you have to choose just one clothing item to wear for the next however- length- of- time. You have narrowed your choices down to two possibilities: the first is a pair of jeans that looks really good on you. You’ve had them for ages, and they’re really comfortable and at least for the duration you’ve had them, they haven’t gone ‘out of style’. The other option is a new dress that make you feel happy every time you wear it. It fits like a glove, and you look amazing in it. How do you choose?? You know you can be happy wearing both options, and the best thing would be if you could have both the pair of jeans and the dress (aka ‘have the cake and eat it too’), but the two are impossible to wear together, so you’ll have to choose..  I get that the analogy using clothing items aren’t the best way to describe the feeling of indecisiveness, but for me it kinda works:p This analogy can fit into most situations where you have trouble deciding what to do next, like for me where I’m trying to choose between staying in Oz with my friends for another semester (to take some well- needed courses to ‘spruce’ up my CV), vs going back for good to my darlings, work full- time, get an apartment etc.. In one way the ‘smart’ choice is to stay here, and in the other way it is to go home…- the only thing that is certain, is that I can’t be two places at once, so I have to make a decision.. :s I really haven’t been able to decide yet, and I know I have to do it soon.. For now I have an appointment with a student advisor this Tuesday, and no matter what happens I’ll go home for 2 months over summer and talk it through with my friends and family back home to see if I can make the choice.. The best thing is to get as much info as possible about every opportunity, so when I do make the choice, I’ll know it’s the right one.. The thing is that I’ve always made every choice based on my gut feeling, so I know I’ll do that this time as well- I just have to talk it through in order to discover what my gut- feeling actually is:) I guess it’s not always ‘just flowers’ growing up and having to make decisions etc… I almost miss being a kid, and every big decision was made by my parents- and I could choose to ‘trow a tantrum’ in response to their decisions and blame them for everything that went wrong, rather than having to be responsible for making my own smart decisions… Well, I guess it’s when you get older you get how parents are people too, and that like I’ve been told my whole life, ‘life can’t always be fun’… (-but it’s fun trying;p).                                                                                             Little me having a tantrum:p

Behind the clouds, the sky is always blue..

I’m under the impression that ‘good things happens to good people’ and that ‘everything works out in the end for good girls’ etc. This is kinda  what I live by, so I never tend to get to fussed or caught up in the bad things that happens in my life, ’cause I know that soon enough, it will be over and back to being good (even though I off course have my sad moments as well..) I’ve been through quite a bit in my life, but no matter how bad it can seem at a certain point, it has always work out for the better in the end:) But then there’s those people who never seem to get it ‘right’- no matter how amazing they are, and the fact that they have everything going for them, they tend to get caught in situations where they get treated badly, and wind up hurt.. The thing is that no matter what you tell a person, and what advice you give, they have to see it for themselves, and that might take time.. It’s just hard to sit by and watch people you care about get hurt without being capable of protecting them from harm.. The only thing I can say, is that no matter what you’re going through, no matter how dark it may seem, behind the clouds, the sky is always blue- and things will start looking brighter again eventually:)