-don`t stress the small stuff.. ;)

It amazed me  how time passes..  Every time the clock ticks, another second has passed (then minutes, hours, days, weeks, month, years and so on), it`s just a bit fascinating that it passes so quickly no matter what you decide to spend your precious time on.. I arrived the GC kinda by chance- with the intent to stay for just about 3 months. Then I decided to stay longer for different reasons (even though some of them now have changed), and now it`s 4 years later.. Where did the time go? No matter what I decide to do with my days, how I`m feeling, or who I spend time with, time is still going to pass- tick by tick. And because of this, it`s important to live every day as if it was your last.. Feel every feeling, laugh every time you get the chance, and don`t stress the small stuff.. (off course it might be hard to decide what`s concidered to be small stuff- because it might seem bigger to some than others. Someone resently told be that niceness is special, and it shouldn`t be wasted on people who doesn`t return it…-I think there`s something to it:). Life is short- and time is the most precious thing we have, so we should spend time doing what we love with those who matter the most- the ones that make you happy, that makes you laugh, that you can learn something from, and that you feel safe with.. So even though some people decides to only walk along your path for a short period of time, there are many people that are happy to walk with you the rest of the way:)

-Treasure each moment

-follow your heart

-never stop dreaming

-be true to yourself and those around you.. 🙂


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