Why be mean when there´s cupcakes??

What´s happening to our beloved Surfers? I´ve been here for quite some time, and even though I´m very aware of some fist- fighting happening between drunk- hormone- filled bogans from time to time, I´ve never experienced more unprovoked violence ever than in the last couple of weeks.. More than 4 episodes have happened in the last couple of weeks where friends of friends have been attacked without having engaged in conversation or even glanced at the person they have been assaulted by.. You´re probably thinking “yea, sure it´s unprovoked.. Everybody says that.. They probably threw some comments/punches/evil- stares etc and got what they deserved”- but let me tell you- that´s not the case. A guy I know to be a genuine nice guy who wouldnt hurt a fly, got punched in the face walking to a pub, and now has a scar in the middle of his face to prove it.. Another couple (that are friends of a friend) was driving home from a date when some people suddenly started kicking their car, and when they got out of the car to see what was up they got bashed (- the girl too..), and to top it off, my dear friend ´button´ was punched in the face by a guy that came out of a bathroom cubicle last night.. Seriously, what´s up?! This behaviour is NOT oki! Is it a new trend that has swept the coast, or just pure coincidence? Either way, I hope this is the end of it, and that people stop going out for other reasons than to have a good time with their friends, cause this just isn´t right.. But not to worry- I still feel safe here. You might think it sounds naive, but bad stuff like this can happen anywhere at any time (even back home in my beloved Oslo), and the only thing you can really do´, is to never walk alone after dark, take care of each other and be nice to people you meet… So today- as a bit of a contrast to all this, I decided to bake pink cupcakes and walk around the neighbourhood to our friends, and treat them to a little sweet break in their studying- just because I think it´s important to show that you care:D Maybe these mean- guys just haven´t had anyone bake them pink cupcakes before, and if they did, they would be totally different people? (-I know this sound  bit blonde, but just bear with me;). -Who knows.. I guess everybody have a reason for why they´re acting the way they´re acting, but for next time you feel the urge to hit a perfect stranger for no reason at all- just don´t…


‘Sun, sun, come on back, the sun is my best friend. -away with clouds and unberellas, end the raining now’

(‘Sol, sol kom igjen. Solen er min beste venn. -Bort med skyer, paraplyer, hold nå opp å regne….’ 😀

-It’s one of those days.. The rain is pouring down over the Surfers skyline, and everyone’s spending the day inside (except for the poor people who has to go to uni today..). The only thing I feel like doing on this wet day, is lazing on the couch all cozied up in a blanky with a good movie and someone to share it with.. Too bad all my friends are superstressed about all the work they need to catch up on after the busy weekend! I guess I’m on my own on this particular rainy day.. It’s weird how much the weather can influence how you feel? Most days I wake up feeling energised with the sun smiling down at me, and I only see possibilities to what I can do this wonderful day. But days like this, when the sun seems to have disappeared all together, the world seems like such a ‘sad’ place.. I’m optimistic and actually in quite a good mood, so I’m pretty sure the reason I’m feeling a bit ‘blue’ is due to the clouds that are covering the sun fully, and the amounts of water that keeps flooding from the skies. It’s days like this I remember how it is at home during fall (or spring, or winter -and sometimes even summer…:s). You get used to it though- at home the sunny days are further apart, and because of that, we never take it for granted. As soon as the little rays of sunlight pokes through the clouds, everyone’s outside going for a stroll, having picnics or a beer at a sidewalk cafe (mind you, it might still only be 10 degrees- but sun= summer to us Norwegians so we sit outside soaking up the summery atmosphere like crazy people and wind up waking up the next day with a terrible cold…;p). But that’s the beauty of it -we never learn and keep embracing summer too early year after year..:) Now when it’s raining in Paradise, I feel like somethings ‘off’.. It’s not supposed to rain here? Even though the days with rain are as far apart as the days without stuff falling from the sky i Norway (be it wet or cold), I tend to complain about it- which I realise is such a waste. Nope, I’ll now enjoy this gorgeous rainy day, and think off all the good things about rain- like all the happy farmers that now get water for their crops, or the students that can sit inside and write assignments with good conscience ’cause at least now they’re not wishing they could be outside in the sun.. 😀

Just 1…

Since I finished my degree a few weeks ago, I have been on ‘vacation’ here in Surfers. Well, I feel like I am anyways, because I spend my days hanging out with my lovely friends, sleeping in, having coffee, sun tanning, going out and bubbling in the hot tub:) I do spend time looking for jobs as well, and I know that soon enough I’ll be working my little butt of back home, so I feel like I deserve some time off after 3 busy years at uni:) I love feeling so free.. Being able to do whatever, whenever! But I might have a bit of a bad influence on my student- friends that should rather sit at home reading all night than spend time with me- but I greatly appreciate the company:D We’ve had plenty of ‘random nights’ the last few weeks- that usually starts out with just having ‘1 beer’, and then time flies, and we wind up seeing the sunrise before we lay our heads on the pillow… I feel like I do have a good excuse to act a bit ‘careless’ now though.. After all, I’m going through something quite big atm… As long as it’s not forever, I think it should be alright to have a few unhealthy weeks… And I’m making wonderful memories with amazing people along the way…;)

Australia day:D

Since its our last Australia day here in Oz we decided to celebrate big this year:) We went to Billy’s again, where they had a huge pool party on, with mechanical bull riding, jelly wrestling, flame dancers, foam party etc. Not that I’m really into the whole ‘Ibiza’ theme, but it was sunny, I was surrounded by friends and had a blast:) A pic says more than 1000 words, so I’ll just show you our celebration in colour:)

BBQ at our place first- Helene is great with the flippers:) The boys in blue

Karen & Sanne enjoying the sun                    Pool party!

“The crazy green party man”:p                                      Karen (here you are, sweets!:p)

Anders’ rocking it up;p                                                                                                 Me & babo<3

Dancing dog- cute!                                                                                Jimmy & Anders trying to talk over the loud techno music

Me & Helene doing some late night poses;p

Thank’s for a great Australia day everyone! 😀

Oh, no!

I had my test at uni, and was wtoked when I finished the test in like 10min, and ran to the student admin to enrol in a summer course. I imagined that I could actually make the 1.30 bus, but then the lady in student admin said I had to hand in the course outline as well, so I ran to the library. Because it’s the last week at uni, and EVERYBODY is finishing their assignments, there were NO computers available- so I stressed around for a while until I found one… When I finally had hurried my way through the online courses, printed it out and handed it in (the computers at uni has probably 100000000000 viruses, so they’re unbelievable slow- takes approx. 15 min just to log in…:s), I saw the bus and ran as fast as my little legs allows me, and just made it to the bus in time. I was very pleased with my efficient day so far, and thought to myself all this extra time I now had to relax before I would have to start getting everything ready for tonight, but nooooooooooooooooo:s I had managed to get on the wrong bus (738- the one that goes thorugh every tiny little suburb before it winds up at Pac fair….). So I decided to get off at Spotlight (where me and ML was yesterday and bought fabric and costumes etc)…. Then I had to wait there for 15 min, before the bus back to uni came, and I waited there for another 15 min before I was FINALLY on the bus from uni on my way home…. It almost felt like one of those nightmares where you never get to the place you’re supposed to…:s But, oh, well- now I’m home, and I’m determined to have a great night!!!! ;p

INDY- it’s that time of year again…

indy2Once a year there’s ‘Indy’ in Surfers. I’m not sure of the definition of Indy, but for a person that doesn’t care about cars (even if they’re fast), it’s just a car race which seems to give people the reason to act like idiots… There’s a few races every day, and miss Indy girls walking around in bikinis all weekend… So as you probably understand, this would be a guy’s dream… :p I think it’s around 100 000 people that come here to watch the race for 4 days every year. After the races are done for the day, all these people head from the tracks into Surfers all hyped up on testosterone (I think even the few women that watch Indy get effected by this cloud of testosterone) to get wasted…. Even though our house is about 6 streets away from the tracks, I can hear the ‘zoom-zoom’ from the cars from 7 am every morning, and it’s almost impossible to do anything else… I guess that I get that it’s fun for people that are interested in this sort of thing, and I would love to be one of them, but sadly, I’m just not interested… I kind of wish I was, because it looks fun to be a part of something like this, and just be in the atmosphere and be exited about who wins etc. For me, it’s the same with football and other games. It looks great to be part of a group that supports a team, scream of the top of your lungs and share these experiences together, but I’m just sooooooooo not interested in any sport (except maybe figure skating??) Sorry, I’m just a very girly- girl, and unless the contestants are wearing cute outfits, or doing twirls (on ice or in dancing shoes), it’s just not worth watching…:p The reason that I’m dislike this event so much, is not that I’m a feminist or a party- pooper… I did actually live and work on a hostel on the race tracks my first year here, and I worked at a nightclub in Surfers. But after my boss at the hostel told the girl- employees that he preferred us to flirt with the guys that stayed there, and wear bikinis 24/7, and several men pinched my bum in the bar at night, I’ve grown to hate this event (and I off course told my boss that he could wear the bikini himself)! indy

So in order to be able to stay out of town this whole weekend (luckily Broadbeach is not far away if I feel like going out, catch a movie or do something else outside the house), I’m walking into town today to pay rent, buy some groceries (and earplugs), so I can hide at home until it’s all over:p

Crazy weather?!

The weather on the Gold Coast is something else… We do have 287 sunny days a year, and an average temperature of 28 in summer (21 in winter), but the other 77 days in the year, the weather is pretty crazy… A few months ago (just around mid- May when my friend Alida was visiting me- typical:p), we had a freak storm, where half the sand on the beach drifted out to sea, and it looked likes this:

ALida in oz 085

 It didn’t last more than a week’s time, but during that week, we had like a million lighting hits, and trees were falling over everywhere… Our flat is in a 3 story building a couple of streets from Q1 (the tallest residential tower in the world with 79 stories), and when the lightening strikes- it always hits the Q1 (because of the lightening diverters). I guess that makes us pretty safe down here, but whit all that noise, I’m always scared the whole tower will collapse, and in that case- crush our little house… :s Iiiiiiiiiiik!

This is a picture of the lightening hitting Q1: (scary, hu??)

storm sp

 Now, for the first time since I’ve been here, we now how a dust storm. I don’t know why it happened, because when ML and I were out walking this morning, it looked kind of like this:

sunny 2

 I heard on the news an hour later that a dust- storm was swiping across Sydney (1.5 hours away by plane, so pretty far away), from the desert in South Australia or something, but the it was all of a sudden in Brisbane (1 hour away by car)- and then it here… When I went for lunch to meet Sanne, Surfers looked like this (-weird??):

dusty 001

 I guess it’s just my Norwegian nature of complaining about the weather that gives me the urge to say its too hot when it’s summer (even though I lay in the sun all day tanning), too windy, too clammy or too cold (when it drops to 12 at night in “winter)… When I actually live in Paradise, and most of the year we have clear skies, and beautiful sunsets like this:)

sunset sp