Embrace diversity

I meet lots of interesting people at my job that I probably would never have met anywhere else… Some are curious about the shoes etc, and walk around the store saying things like “Who would ever wear these? Look at them! hahahah” etc (if you think they`re so stupid, why walk in here in the first place?). Others just loooooooove everything, and dance around the store while trying shoes (sometimes they need the special edition sizes) before they leave the store as happy owners of a new pair:) I do like my job quite a bit mostly because of all the different people I get to talk to during my shifts 😀 ( but when it`s dead quiet the time passes by unbelievably slow, and the only thing I think of is how much uni work I could have done instead of cleaning shelves for the 10th time in an hour… Oh well, the money`s good though- so it`s all worth it in the end..).

People are different.. That`s what makes life so interesting! 😀 Everyone`s turned out to be the person they are due to a million different factors.. Genes from their parents and family, their childhood, how they were raised, the environment they grew up in (at home, their school, friends etc), and their personalities.. Everyone`s different, and it takes more than a first impression to really know or understand someone. People have a lot of different insecurities, and even the seemingly most confident girl or guy might act in a different way than what`s natural to them because they feel insecure in a way.. I admire people who dare to be themselves- even if it means showing their insecurities to the world..  Like many others, a million insecurities- but I`m aware of them, and believe that I handle myself quite well despite of them:) Like how I always seem to say what`s on my mind even though it might not make much sense to people unless they really know me (i.e. keeping lots of different conversation subjects going at the same time- and randomly jump between them…), how my surroundings seems to suddenly change several times a day which often results in me either dropping thing on the ground, or banging into things… I`ve already managed to bump my head into one of the glass shelves at work twice… Aouch! :p  -But hey, that`s me:D Our little quirks is what makes us different to each other, and even though some people might find your quirks annoying, I say let`s just be ourselves, and embrace diversity rather than wishing that we were different:)


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