I recon there`s two types of people in the world- the ones that have a positive outlook on life no matter what might come in their way, and the ones that look at the world in a more negative way.. I consider myself to be a positive person, and I know that no matter what happens, it will work itself out in the end. But when the end of the semester and the finals are approaching, and the assignment stress is building up, even I tend to forget my “everything will be oki”- attitude, and stress a bit.. I`m longing for the long, summer days I had in Norway in July…. Yesterday my computer “broke” (or something??), I have plenty of uni work in front of me, and even though I enjoy my new job, it seems like I`ll be working almost every day (even though only for 3-4 hours per shift)- which makes it harder to structure my tine.. Pressure:s Puh! Luckily I have a friend that know a lot about computers, so hopefully he can help me sort my dear PCKåre out, and I just need to lock myself in for a few days concentrating on my assignments and I`ll be fine.. Oki- better get to it then!

Good luck with assignments everyone- hang in there! Counting the days to I`ve handed in these two big ones, and I can catch up on some well- deserved sleep and enjoy having a social-life again… 😀


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