At least it`s not boring! :p

You know how everyone`s has their own  people say when they`re giving you a compliment?  It`s always nice to get compliments in any way, shape or form- but no matter what I`m wearing, I`ll always be cute- that`s just how it is.. Even if I`m wearing all black, I`ll be just that- cute.. I love surprising a bit though, and when I applied for jobs a few weeks back, I probably applied to jobs in 14 stores that would suit me perfectly (all girly, cutsy stuff)- and 1 that was a bit odd in a way… I won`t write the name of the store here, but let`s just say that the clientele is mostly dancers of a certain type… They do have stuff for “regular” people as well off course, but what I noticed first is that the products are a tad bit different to what I`m used to:p Well, I went for trial this afternoon, and got the job, so now I`ll be working my little butt off in order to make some money:D Woop, woop, woop! 😀


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