The best days of my life:D

My favourite places..

-My mum`s old, white kitchen table in the middle of her white dollhouse- like kitchen in Risør. We always drink tea, music from the radio in the background while talking for hours so we forget the time. Mum always knows what to say- no matter the problem or situation.. She listens until I feel completely empty, gives advice when I need it the most, or just talks from her own experiences which always makes me feel better…. 🙂

– On the couch with my sister and brothers. Even though there`s enough space, we sit closely together, giggling and laughing untill we almost fall on the floor. We see each other quite rarely due to the fact that we`re worlds apart, so when we due see each other we always have a lot of catching up to do:) I miss them all the time, and can`t wait to see them in a few months for Christmas:)

– The glass box:) Me and Caroline have used this box for everything throughout the years. This is where we`ve had our most important talks, best meals, funnest nights, and created memories that I`ll never forget no matter what:)`She`ll always be my bestes:)

-Stage Door dance studio.. I danced like 35 hours per week in my teenage years, and lived & breathed dance.. Me & Marie where inseparable for these years- dancing from sunrise to sunset every single day (and going to every single ballett and dance show possible around south Norway when we weren`t in class ourself).. When we turned 18 I moved to Oslo and she to Fredrikstad to go for our dream, and even though we stayed close friends, the era as dance- buddies was sadly over.. We`ve spent long nights quizzing each other in ballet terms, and stretching until our muscles were sore! These were the best days of my life… 🙂

– Lillebergsvingen.. The white couch there is the softest ever, and has probably 100 pillows in different shapes and sizes which makes it feel like sleeping on a cloud.. 🙂  Two of my dearest friends live there and no matter where I`ve been or what happens in my life, I always seem to come back to their couch from during my stays at home:)

– The white sandy beach in Surfers Paradise. The fine-grained sand under my feet, the sun on my face, the sound of the waves rolling in over the sand, the gentle breeze in my hair.. Wherever I wind up through out my life, I will never forget this amazing feeling of freedom..

– Ringshaugstranden- so many memories from this beach in Toensberg.. Whenever I felt confused or sad growing up, I went for a walk on the beach with my dog- feeling the wind on my face while looking into the clear water. This beach os busy as few during summer, with kids laughing and screaming, and sea gulls chirping as they fly above you.. It`s not the most beautiful beach in the world, but a walk there always lightens my mood.

 -My dad`s high kitchen table with high chairs. When I`m home, we always sit there drinking his delicious “pappakaffe” (aka dad- coffe- seriously- it needs to be tasted!). The high chairs makes me feel like a little girl again, and even though I`m very aware that I`m in my mid- twenties, it feels nice to just be a little girl again- even just for a minute:)


4 Responses to “The best days of my life:D”

  1. Ida Says:

    de øynene der kjenner jeg igjen:)

  2. australiamari Says:

    Du var jo kjempenydelig allerede da! 🙂

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