Dup, dup, dupdidup, dup, dup, dup, dupdupdup! :D

“Today`s gonna be a good day!” 😀Tonight`s gonna be a good night

– Today started the best way possible, and after cleaning the flat for a bit (no offence boys, but whenever there`s a male majority in a household, this weird undefinable guy- smell just creeps in all over.. :s It`s extremely hard to get rid of due to the fact that I have no idea where the smell originates from, or what it actually is, but I`ve given it a shot today.. 🙂 My room/walk-in closet/bathroom is like an oasis in this guy- world, and smells “fresh” in Fraggles meaning.. ;p I think I`ll pick up some air freshener later.. Maybe that will put an end to this delightful odour? :p

Well, after a bit of cleaning, I looked through Siri`s album from this summer, and got a bit homesick.. Truly, it was the best summer ever- lots of laughs, fun, beer, bbq`s, talks into the night, and dancing like we`ve never danced before (“We no speak Americano… dup, dup, dupdidup, dup, dup, dup, dupdupdup” :p). I`m extremely happy these days, but when I look at my friends beautiful faces with the biggest smiles- I can`t help missing them…. But times sure flies, and we`ll all be together soon 😀

Tonight I`m having tapas & wine with my girls here- looking forward to a night of listening to oldies, eating yummy food, drinking some bubbles and laughing to my eyes get all watery! Yet another busy weekend ahead in party- central.. Luckely I`m doing quit oki when it comes to my assignments (and I have so many that I actually don`t have a single mid- sem xam- how great is that!! :D)- so I can have fun this weekend without feeling guilty:) Have a great weekend everyone!!


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