Concentrate much?

I`ve always thought of bringing my laptop to class as a smart idea- that way you don’t have to print out the lecture slides beforehand, and you can write notes etc…. Bringing your laptop to class is actually not smart.. AT ALL!! I`m now 2/3 into a workshop, and in that time I`ve managed to catch up with a friend on the fb chat, write several messages, plan a girls night, check my e-mail, fix my resume and now I`m writing in my  blog… :s The funny thing is that I sort of feel like I did when I was in middle school- writing notes in class and passing it to my friends around the classroom hoping that the teacher wouldn`t find out… Cheeky! :p I can`t help that I have a bit of a concentration problem? (or can I…?). It seems like I`m doing alright though- I`ve managed to finish my assignments in time, read for my quizzes etc… My study- style is  just more of a “read until you fall asleep even after you`ve had 10 redbulls because you`ve been reading for 4 days straight before an exam”- kind of girl… and it works great! 😀 Is masters really not harder, I keep thinking…. Is it the way I feel- just a continuation on the bachelor degree? Or is it just that I`m used to it by now, and find it easier? -(or is it actually really hard, and I`m going to be shocked in the weeks leading up to the final exams?). Hm- I`m hoping for the second:p The thing is that I actually quite enjoy my courses.. They`re all about events (like fashion shows etc), and it`s interesting as few! (yup, I did just write that… -again! haha :p).

I finally worked up the courage to check my bank balance- and omg- I need to get a job asap! I`ve applied a few places, but after uni today, I`ll take ML`s advice and print out like 1000 resumes, and hand them out everywhere in Aus Fair and Surfers… Hopefully I`ll find something quick! Ìt`s my last semester (again:p), and it would be quit sad if I don`t have money to do anything fun…. I still haven`t seen Sydney or Great Barrier Reef after 4 years! That`s shocking… :s I can always come back next year after I`ve been working up some money and actually have money to spend, but it would be nice to be able to at least afford a little get- away during mid- sem break in 3 weeks time… Something to look forward to:)

Well- I better starting paying attention to our lovely Aussie teacher… Who`s probably aware that I`m only glimpsing up at the powerpoint every few seconds to hide the fact that I`m not at all present:p

-Have a great day everyone! 😀


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