Suit up!

Last year the Norwegian TV series “Himmelblå” swept us all away, and now it`s “How I met your mother”. You know when it seems like everybody around you are saying the same frases- seems to get each other in a different way, and from time to time burst into laughter for no apparent reason….? I was hearing “Suit up”, “Really????”, “up top”, “nailed it” etc constantly- and never got it.. But after I started watching HIMYM a couple of weeks ago, it was like “AHA!- now I get it!”. I absolutely love this series- in every way possible:D It has the cool guy, the obsessive girl, the cool chick, the sweet guy, and the guy that never seems to get it right… Hilarius! The only problem is that I always want to watch just one more…. – and suddenly the whole days seems to have disappeared.. :s But oh, well- at least I`ve got sore muscles in my stomach after laughing all day! I`ll be fit as few in no time:p


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