Rockin`it Gilhooley`s style:D

Now things are getting sorted big time:D Finished 1 quiz, (finally) have groups in all my subjects, have e-mail practical people I had to e-mail, have gotten my room in the new flat sorted & have applied for a few jobs- all in just a few days! So I CAN be structured and organized if I really try to be;p Now it`s yet another busy weekend ahead- Niko`s playing in brissy tonight, tomorrow it`s time for a  family dinner (3 courses even- believe that!), and Sat and Sun it`s party-time:D I have to get some uniwork done, so it won`t only be fun & games, but at least I can sleep in a bit which will be lovely after waking up in zombie- style this morning,  not understanding where I was, who I was, what I was doing, why on earth I had to get up, or how to work my phone…. :p). But I got up, did my things and now I feel as pleased as ever:D Well, well- have a great night everyone!

Here`s Nikolai`s myspace page- check him out- he`s amazing! 😀 

So long little sprinkles! 😀


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