I feel like a princess…:)

Yesterday we got our new flat in genesis! It`s the most gorgeous thing ever… Ì`m so happy! I`ll take some pics this weekend and post it here so you can all envy me:p It`s newly renovated- a lot of beige (would have preferred colours, but this flat is so nice anyways, so as soon as we get some colourful pics up, and a few pillows- it will look more like it belongs to us crazy 3 :). My room is huge (as big as some flats are in Oslo.. seriously! I feel tiny :p). I have a huge bedroom, a walk- in closet and my own bathroom (my only “demand” when I decided to move in with 2 boys;)- I feel like a princess! I`m forever thankful to my girls that have been taking such good care of me the last 6 months, but it was wonderful to be able to put all my stuff away (after living in a bag for months..).. I`m actually a bit of a neat- freak, so to be able to colour coordinate all my dresses etc again fells great:) Tonight it`s time for ANSA`s kick of party for this semester, and tomorrow it`s a masquerade party through “Dionysus” (Sanne & Helene`s event club- join these fabulous girl`s asap- it`s going to be huge! ). Have a great weekend everyone! Hope you`ll enjoy it as much as I will… 🙂



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