Congrats to my favourite `Vinkelanke`- couple!

I`ve known you both since we were young and didn`t understand

and you`ve always been there to lend a helping hand

Because you two together make the perfect team

and you`re actually as truly perfect as you seem

You`re there for your friends ever step of the way

whenever we need you- be it night or day

I`m so unbelieveble proud to be your friend

The teacher and lawyer- I`ll be here for you until the end

The last few years we`ve been far apart

but I`ve always felt close to you both in my heart

You`re two of the very best people I know

and I know you`ll always continue to grow

`Cause love like yours are rare and true

that`s why I`m so glad you`re going to say “I do” 🙂

-Lots of love from your friend forever, Sinus ❤


2 Responses to “Congrats to my favourite `Vinkelanke`- couple!”

  1. Magnus Says:

    Hei, så utrolig koselig dikt. Ble litt rørt her jeg… Veldig glad i deg. Stor klem fra Magnus

    • thepinknotebook Says:

      Så koselig da! 😀 Er jo så glad for dere to jeg vettu.. Gleder meg til å feire dere når jeg er tilbake i Dec! 😀 Veldig glad i dere begge to 🙂 Stor klem Sinus

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