People are different, that`s for sure, and things that might come easy to some people, can be really hard for others.. Having been Sinus my whole life, I`m quite certain about what I`m capable of- what I`m able to achieve if I just work hard, what I`m quite good at, and what`s almost impossible for me to do… “Managing Finance Resolutions” is one of the latter…. :s I was never a “math- person” in high school- and struggled my way to barely pass, and the day I finished, I was unbelievable happy to never having to deal with numbers anymore… (except for the odd +, -, x or / on my phone :p). And what happened yeeeeeeeeears later? I start a master’s degree where one of the 8 coursesI have to take is a finance course… I got quite stressed actually, but after a good talking-to from my friends, I decided to give it a try…. But iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiik! What have I gotten myself into?? I have to say I tried… Sitting there with my lecture slides, taking notes (and trying my best not to fall asleep:s). After trying to understand what might as well have been Greek for about 1h (when I though I was on the right track), a guy in my class asked the teacher a question, and when he answered, I realised that I was totally off… So in our break- I ran as fast as my little legs could carry me and jumped on the bus home… :p (it`s like I`m scared of numbers or something? Is it normal to have a phobia for numbers?). Well, after some thinking, I have decided to give it another try (or 10…). So from tomorrow onwards, I`ll do my best to do solve math problems, read my book (after having bought or borrowed the book), attend tut`s etc… Who knows,  maybe I`ll surprise myself and suddenly get a new-found interest in this whole numbers- thing? I can just picture myself in a grey cubicle- dressed in a grey suit, wearing my hair in a bun, typing numbers all day…. (Oh, no- now I`ll probably have a nightmare tonight… :s).

-Other than this minor hickup, I love my courses and everything`s just wonderful (even though it probably doesn`t seem like it after this post:p). Yup, my life is all “sunshine, lollipops and rainbows” 😀


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