Things that makes me happy….

  • that after a bit of a hassle, I found out that I`m actually really happy about the course I enrolled in (a bit too) late
  • that I happen to live on one of the most beautiful places in the world- where the sun (almost) always shines¤
  • that even if I`ve only been back in Oz for a bit, it still feels like (2nd) home
  • that I have a million memories from my summer at home (1st) to look back on if I get homesick
  • that in just 1 week I`m moving into a flat in Genesis with 2 wonderful boys:)
  • that even though things might be hard from time to time,  it always works out in the end…. for everyone
  • that ML brought “Himmelblå season 3” from Norway, so after waiting for about 6 months, I`ll finally find out what happened to Kim (!!)
  • that true friendships lasts forever- whatever weather you might face..
  • that I found a warm coat- and it was only $30 (weee- I`m done clattering (?) my teeth every night:p)
  • that even though my courses this semester seemed a bit ” daunting” (:s)- it looks like I`ll manage… 🙂
  • that if I ever feel stressed in some way, I just walk 100m down to the white, sandy beach- and  immediately feel relaxed..
  • that I haven`t been partying much since I got back (unlike last sem) and feel that I`m doing better at uni sober and rested..:p
  • that I have so many people I care greatly about around me down under as well:)
  • that I laugh so hard that my tummy hurts almost every day:D
  • that smiles are all around (and the people who might not smile atm, hopefully will join in soon:)
  • that the problems I though I had last semester, really wasn`t problems at all- and absolutely not worth stressing about… ‘
  • that I have the possibility to make my life whatever I want it to be!

– I truly feel like the luckiest girl in the world- the world is at my fingertips! 😀


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