Am I ever going to learn? :p

Second week at uni and so far I`ve managed to enrol in 2 wrong courses (out of 4:p).  The last one I only found ou randomly today from a girl in my class after I haven`t only attended last week`s lecture and 2 tut`s (and actually really enjoyed the course and both my teachers) -I even got participation marks! Typical.. :p  Well, maybe I should`ve understood that since “Event Management” is my major, having “Tourism & Hospitality Marketing” instead of “Sport & Event Marketing” is a bit odd… But no harm done- it`s  just a bit annoying , that`s all:) Now I should finally be on the right track for my masters….:0

On the other end it`s been an interesting few days.. Everybody`s finally back in Markwell ave (-and beyond), and we`re all trying to adapt to the new semester and everything new- even though the family itself is the same:) It`s a bit of a different start to this semester than the last (when we more or less did nothing else but partying for the first few weeks- but to my defence, I wasn`t studying then..:p). Now we`re apearantly started on a new more sensible track: -we`ve learned that in order to get good grades, and not get to stressed as the weeks are passing, we need to balance every aspect in our everyday- uni, work, partying and social life:) I know we`ll manage well- we`re already off to a good start! 😀 Since I swapped my course, it`s one less day I have to get up at 6 (weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee)  😀 

Only 1 more week of living all bunked up, and we`ll be getting our flat here at Genesis:) Can`t wait to have space for all my stuff! (my zillion things have been stuffed into ML`s wardrobe for the last few months- poor girl!). When it comes to my clothes, I`m a bit of a neat- freak,  all colour coded and organized.. After we`ve stached all our stuff in our new home, we`ll have to go to IKEA to get some essentials (i.e. scented candles, cuddly pillows, towels etc:)- and probably some Scandinavian goods as well 😀 Can`t wait to have a real home again (even though living with my darlings have been just amazing- it`s going to be heaven to have space for all my stuff again… :D). Enjoy the rest of your day!


2 Responses to “Am I ever going to learn? :p”

  1. michaela i oz Says:

    Vem bor du med och var?

    • thepinknotebook Says:

      Jeg bor fortsatt i Genesis- litt hos jentene og litt hos guttene, men flytter inn med 2 kompiser om 1 uke ca (også i Genesis). Skal bli skjønt å ha en sted å ha alle mine saker igjen! 😀

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