Perfect day to stay in bed..

After I’ve been up before sunrise 2 days in a row, I was stoked to finally have a day I could sleep in… And what happens? I wake up at 4am! (-guess I have too much stuff on my mind- or is it jetlag still?). After trying to go back to sleep for a few hours, I decided to give up- and then Monty txted me letting me know he’s on his way back to Surfers- wohooo! 😀 It’s pouring  ‘cats & dogs’ outside (:p), so I’m not really tempted to do much on my day off.. It’s one of those days you rather just stay in bed all day- letting the day pass by on the outside.. (but that would get a bit lonely:p). I need to get a laptop at some point, write my resume so I can apply for a job, get a flat, go through all my stuff and re-pack all my stuff (that’s been stuffed in every single closet and wardrobe in my poor girls’ flat since early March..:s).  But if I know myself, I’ll probably just hang out with Monty all day- catching up the last 2 months of his adventures around Asia (and my unbelievable exiting summer at home;). I thought the first week at uni would be full-on– being Masters and all,  but as it seems, the tut’s doesn’t start until next week, and the lectures so far have been more or less a recap of stuff I already know ( a bit of marketing basics, as well as explanation of Aussie- life and culture… Prob because 99% of the students in my classes are new students from different Asian countries.. I’m actually the only girl that’s blonde and not scared of the sun in my whole class! Why decide to go to the GC in Oz of all places if you’re going to walk around with an unberella in bright sunlight cause you’re scared to tan your white skin? Beats me.. :p). Well, if I was at all unsure about Aussies and the localization of the library (after having been a student here for the last 3 years), at least I know now- once and for all.. :p It’s probably good to have a ‘soft start’ anyways, because before I know it, I’ll be stressing to get all my assignments done in time..  And the next few days the whole family will be back, and then there will probably be ‘a bit’ partying for a while (if the beginning of last sem is anything to go by:p). Can’t wait to see you….! 😀


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