What’s life without a few hickups? :p

Then I’m back on the GC.. Everything went great this time (hehe- not as my trip over to Norway in  early June:s)- I was even asked to move to Egypt with some dude I met at Abu Dhabi airport (maybe I would have accepted if he offered me some camels? :p) I’ll happily fly Etihad airways again! 😀 But I had the absolutely longest trip from the airport ever! Everything went well until I was on the train on my way home (cause I thought I’d be sensible and watch my money so I went for public transport rather than catching the shuttle bus).. But between Beenleigh and Ormeu station there was a ‘police incident’ (I really don’t hope someone decided to end their lives on the tracks or something….! 😦 )- so we all had to get off the train.. After waiting for ages, trying to catch a taxi with 2 surfers from California, but winding up in Helensvale and having to take the 709 busto Surfers (which takes an enternity)- all while carrying 2 huge bags around.. 6 hours after my plane landed in Brissy- I was home- puh! (-the same length as the plane ride from Abu Dhabi to Singapore… :s) Barbro and Issie was here, and we spent the day catching up before we headed out to Fiddlers to meet some friends we haven’t seen in a long time:) A great night! 😀 But due to a summer with hardly any sleep (in addition to jetlag), I spent most of todday sleeping (and I’ll probably need to head back to sleep soon as I start uni at 8am in the morning…:s).. Oh, no.. -Just now I was going to double-check my timetable online- and guess what.. Apparently I have enrolled in a wrong class, and was told that I need to swap it asap since I’m not eligible to take it (as I need 20CP in masters first…). Great to get that info 1 day before unistart! :s And since I had to change my password last week and I didn’t remember it now, I tried to log in so many times that I’m now blocked from griffith portal so I can’t make the swap before tomorrow after I’ve been to uni and got a new password… :s Starting the new semester in typical Sina- style as normal!:p  Hopefully everything will work itself out- as always:) I just need to be on top of things from the start! hehe:D -Uni, here I come! :p


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