-back to the moon..

Now the day for departure is here- feels like I just got here in a way (but at the sane time it feels like I’ve been here for ages with all the fun & activities I’ve managed to squeeze in this summer… :p). Now I’m leaving my lovely darlings, cold (expensive) beer, sunshine all night, pollen allergy, Norwegian delicacies ( as krackerbread, shrimps, caviar on a tube, salami, miils majo, flintsteak, potatosalad, ‘littlecandy’ aka smågodt etc).. I’ve been in a ‘funk’ for a while, and this amazing summer with my lovelies has brought a new perspective on the situation(s) as well as the ability to make me so relaxed that I can finally let my shoulders down again… 🙂 Now I’m better than ever- and I know everything will work itself out- in every aspect of the bubble that is my life;) On Saturday morning I’ll be back on the moon (aka GC), speedwalks on sandy beaches, the hottub in the backyard, starbucks’ iced skinny soy latte (with 1/2 sugarfree vanilla shot:p), the land of smiles & gooday’s, ‘Suicide’ bus lines (patients is a vertue:p), assignments and crazy nights with wonderful people… 😀 -That doesn’t sound too bad at all? I can’t wait to give everyone in La Familia a big cuddle… Almost 6 weeks apart is kind of hard when you’re used to see each other every single day… ❤

-32 hours travelling through Frankfurt and Abu Dhabi with Etihad airways (with comfy seats, great food- hopefully without milk…:p)  OZ- here I come! 😀


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