I should be used to this…?

– but my eyes still get watery every time I say good- bye… 😦 Yet again 6 weeks of summer in Norway has passed by in the blink of an eye… I´ve tried to ´hit many flies in one smack´or kill many birds with one stone which just sounds brutal… :p -aka spend time with people every second of every day (no moment should pass by without my flies… :p) I have been a busy little bee 24/7… The 3-day festival last week stole the last of my energy (even after tons of coffee), so I guess no-one can run on love alone forever- you´ll need some sleep as well :p The festival was the best ending to an amazing summer… I don´t think I´ve ever had som much fun? Sun, beer, good music, spend time with my great friends, meet old friends, and even get some new friends… 🙂 Now I´ve been at my mum´s place with my oldest baby brother (if I can call him baby– he´s now 24:p), and my sister, and now I´ve packed and ready to go… (or so it seems…). Don´t get me wrong-  I´m looking forward to being back in Surfers with La Familia (that I have missed these last few weeks- ML, Barbro, Issie, Monty, Fraggle, the boys in nr.13- and off course Sanne, the boys in Longbeach and the all rest as well), but it´s always hard to leave my darlings at home.. Tears and all! But luckily, we´ve gone almost 4 years now, and it´s (probably) just a bit more than 4 months to go… 😀 In less than 1 week I´ll be back at uni- as a masters student :s.. Hopefully all the insecurities that´s been a part of my life for the last 6 months will now disappear with the start of a new semester… ( with a new studies, new flat, new roomies, new job- yup, almost a new life altogether really:) -and come december, I´ll be ready to go back home and get a ´grown- up´job and everything… 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your summers sweeties! Some of you I´ll see back on the GC soon, and the rest of my darlings I´ll make sure to keep in touch with until I´m back in Dec.. Thank´s for an amazing summer! ❤


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