Thankful.. <3

I´m thankful….

-that my cuddly dog is just as stoked to see me when I´ve been to the store for 1 hour as she is when I´ve been gone for months..

-to be able to give someone I love a loooong hug and feel like I can stand there for ever…without having to let go

-for the little rays of sunlight shining through the clouds after lots of rain

-for quiet mornings at my mums… Tea & talk ❤

-for being able to laugh in annoying situations… everything works out as long as you smile 😀

-that there´s things I´m not allerigic to-  luckily I can still eat some foods ;p

-that everybody is coming home for summer- even thoug I wish I had even more time with everyone..

-for not having to think about the time- just do everything whenever I want 🙂

-to have met so many new people these last few weeks- on the buss, train, studio, park, dock, bar etc… 🙂

-that even though time has passed by quicker than ever, I´ve had an amazing summer!

-to again be ´filled in´in my friends´lives.. takes a few hours after we´ve been apart for so long..

-that (for now) all my darlings are safe and healthy…. – please stay that way!

-that everything has worked out with all the practical stuff.. (ticket back, visa, loan etc… ) -puh!

-for all the wonderful people I have in my life.. I can´t even begin to explain how much you all mean to me… Your all like little shining stars in the sky that is my life… Thanks! 🙂


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