Little things…. <3

I love the little things that makes people who they are…  How they smile, laugh, their body language, how they talk, how they walk, dance, sing… But also little physical things- little quirks if you may:) A crocked tooth, a scar, a cute ear, they way they squint their nose, ‘wiggle’ their eyebrows, dimples, freckles etc…

My sister has the cutest nose- she wrinkles it when she’s sceptical, or thinks somethings weird… My bestest C has the cutest ears (she thinks they look like elf- ears, but I think their cute!). My scrunchy nugget (aka Koseklump) has the best laugh in the whole world, my mum has beautiful dimples in her cheeks when she smiles, my friend Siri has the cutest little nose, both of my brothers have a way of moving their eyebrows a lot (which I think they got from my dad:p), my grandma Motte has amazing smiling- wrinkles around her eyes that is a witness of a lifetime full of laughter, Monty has the best twinkle in his eyes, Fraggle smiles literally from ear to ear, my aunt W has the lightest & most bubbly voice in the world, ML has the biggest smile ever, Sanne has little freckles in her blue eyes… I could go on forever ❤ These little things are what I miss most about my darlings when we’re apart.. -the things that makes them different or special…the most beautiful things in the world! 🙂

Due to a lifetime of clumsiness I do have a few little scars here and there (but all in all it’s actually not that bad considering all the times I’ve bumped into things.:p). My ‘weirdest’ quirks are probably the little scar on my forehead (that I managed to get from the 1 chickenpox I got when I was 2 years old:p), my one crooked tooth, and the freckle  in my right hand….  -Not perfect, but it’s me! 😀


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