Time sure flies!

I’ve now been home for over a month now- and it’s only 11 more days left before I head back to Oz- palm trees, pureblonde, goon, Fiddlers, Billy’s, La Familia, white sandy beaches, the hottub (without bubbles), uni, soycoffe, dark nights, long balcony talks, Johnny Cash- and lots of hugs from my friends that I’ve missed this summer….:) I’ve had amazing summer with my loved ones at home, and I’m looking forward to moving back now more than ever… ❤

-in about 2 minutes I’ll go to bed and read my mum’s magazines while listening to the quiet night in Risør

-in 2 days I’ll be at my dad’s place (hopefully with my brother Daniel that I haven’t seen since last summer who just got back from Holland)

-in (less than) 2 weeks I’ll be back on the GC with my darling friends- sipping passion pop on the balcony while sharing pictures and memories of our summers apart ❤

-in about 2 months I’ll probably be a bit stressed about assignments (i know myself… -even though I start out every semester great plan of starting early- I just never seem to learn:p)

-in 2 years I’ll be on summer vacation from a job I love- probably in Rome which is my absolute favorite place in the whole world

-in 20 years maybe I’ll celebrate the 15th year anniversary of my clothing brand- still waking up every day smiling, cause I’m so thankful for how great my life has turned out…. 🙂


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