Oh, what a feeling!

I´ve again managed to wait waaaaaaay to long to book my ticket back to Oz (I always seem to wait as long as possible- for no apparent reason- even though it stresses me…:s)- but now Ive finally done it! 😀 I managed to get a return ticket for just 10900NOK (including cancellation insurance etc- just in case this time… :p )… How great is that? 😀 It´s with an airline called Etihad- that I´d never heard of, but I looked it up, and it looks fancy as few! Like a middle eastern fancy airline with all kind of pleasures like comfy seats, good food, lots of movies etc… How lucky am I? 😀 So now the date is set- I´m leaving Thursday 22nd July and will be back 24th in Surfers:)

The next 2,5 weeks I have a million things to do- ever single day is planned, but it´s all fun stuff that I´m looking forward to:D Tomorrow I´m going to family party at Caro´s, Wed I´ll see the Eclipse movie and meet Helene & Andrew in Tbg, then the days after I´ll visit my grandparents, party in fancy dress in Oslo (to celebrate Siri now being a lawyer!), travel to Risør to visit my sister and mum, GC reunion in the park, festival in Tbg with heaps of different friends from all over, Risør again, visiting my aunt and cousins- and then I´m leaving… In between I will be tanning, drinking cold cava (that I don´t really enjoy, but apparently it´s now a thing:p), and just enjoying the lovely Norwegian summer with my friends:) I feel like such a lucky girl! Then it´s back to ´reality´in Surfers with studies, rent to pay, assignments to write and decisions to make.. But I know everything will be alright- after all, all the decisions I´ve made so far have been based on my feelings, and so far everything has turned out the way it´s supposed to be (even though it´s not always fun to be right in the middle of things:s). Yup- in a few short weeks I´ll be starting with a blank slate- new studies, new flat, new roomies, new job…. It feels good- my next (and possibly very last sem) can be whatever I want it to be! What an amazing feeling.. 🙂


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