Where is it?

My whole life I´ve been quite an impatient person- and waiting isn´t my strongest suit to say at least…. :p Because of my inability to just let things be and manage to focus on other things than waiting- the wait just seems so much longer.. Having lived on the GC for almost 4 years where people tend to do things in their own pace, I´ve grown to not get too annoyed if the bus/person I´m meeting etc is late, I just go with it. But some things are worse to wait for.. The student loan f.ex that should´ve been in my account ages ago, but I´m still waiting..The thing is that I need it  to buy my ticket back to Oz, a new lap top, pay back what I´ve borrowed from my dad etc… Hopefully it won´t be so much longer.:) I´m enjoying my summer in Norway- cant believe it´s been 3 weeks since I got here already? I´ve managed to see most of my family and friends already, and the next few days Ill see some more:) Time just passes soooo quickly, so the only way to ´get through´everyone while I´m here is to live like a gypsy for a few weeks, but it´s alright.) I´m enjoying soaking up the (little) sun thats here, drinking beer on the dock in Tbg (`Brygga`), parklife  in Oslo etc.. But even though I´m “livin´life” atm, I´m kinda longing to be back in Oz due to all these insecurities-  when everything´s sorted… To (hopefully) be back in Oz before unistart, going to classes with my laptop in hand, tuition paid, a place to live with Fraggle & Monty, get a job etc… I know everything will work out in the end, it´s just been so many months of confusion and insecurities, so I´m longing for the feeling of being sure about things….- and have more practical things sorted… 🙂

I´ve now been in Tønberg at Caro´s place- and have been busy meeting old friends for lunch, coffee and beer on the sunny dock in Tbg… 🙂 Today I feel like relaxing for a bit (this summer haven´t been much of a detox so far so maybe I should have a alcohol- free day? :s). Tomorrow morning I´m heading to Oslo to meet a friend who´s visiting me from Sweden:) We´re going to spend the weekend relaxing in the park, catching up, BBQing, drinking ´bag in box´(:p) and laughing so hard that we´ll be all teary- eyed… 😀 Can´t wait! ❤

-What have you all done this summer (or Oz winter) so far? 🙂


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