Laughter & tears

I just had the best weekend with my girls- talking, BBQing (A LOT!!), partying, shopping, and catching up the last year… ;p I have to say I’m really thankful for facebook- cause at least we get to share stuff and keep in touch when we’re apart. But some conversations you need to have in person- face to face:) There’s nothing more comforting than the look in a friends eyes, a looooong hug or a shoulder to cry on if that’s what you need:) I’ve been laughing so hard that tears have been streaming down my face (and off course after I’ve just finished my make- up, so I’ve had to start all over… but soooo worth it!! :D)- and the next day my stomach muscles have been as sore as if I’ve done 1000 sit-ups…:p It’s sad that we all live so far apart (Oslo, Lillesand, Uppsala, UK and Australia)- but when we do see each other it’s like we’ve never been apart and it’s the most natural thing in the world… ❤ I’m so proud of my girls! They all have done so well (ie Siri just passed her lawyer- exam!! :D). They’re all smart, funny, beautiful and incredible kind….:) I’m so thankful to have you in my life!! The time passed way too fast while I’m here, so I’m intent on enjoying every single second while I have these angels around me… Luckily I have about 4 more wonderful weeks here before I head back over the ocean to the land down under… 🙂


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