Pollen & friendship:)

Stupid pollen- making me tired as few… 😦 Or is it the pills I´m taking beause of the allergy? Hm… guess I have to decide between itchy eyes and tiredness in that case! :s I´ve never really been allergic before (oh, well- exept from dairy, nuts etc…:p)- but I guess that when you´ve lived in a country for almost 4 years that don´t really have seasons the way Norway does, it all gets a bit much when all the trees, flowers etc are in bloom at the same time (but it´s gorgeous though:) ).

Today my darling Caroline is coming home- haven´t seen her since last summer… So looking forward to it sweetie! Me & Caro have been through quite a lot since we became friends at a party over 13 years ago… (hehe:p). Parties, Dawson’s creek, hiding behind the garage, ´hanging´at Gårbo, travel to Sweden, meny, the flat above her mums´, tanning in the garden, Italy, Uller´n, working at Tiimari, cozy christmases, travelling around Asia, G&T, going for a new adventure to Oz, Surf´N Sun, my maid of honour, summers in Norway… What will the future bring? 🙂 The only thing I´m certain of at this point, is that no matter what happens in our lives, – where we are, who we´re with and what we´re doing- we´ll always be each others bestes- cause that´s just how it is:) She´s one of the smartest people I know- and she studies medicine! I´m never worried when I´m with her- not just because she knows cpr or because she always have exactly what you need in her bag (band aids, thread, safety-pin, powder, pantyhose, hairspray, pen, tickets to Mars…. you never know what you might need! :p)- but also because when we´re together, nothing can really go wrong (and if it does ie passport trapped inside a closed embassy the day you need it)- it will be alright in the end, and we´ll have a laugh about it:D Even though me & Caro are quite different, we always laugh at the same things, and she gets me in a different way than other people… One look between us, and we know how the other´s thinking.. 🙂 -You & me sweetie!


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