“Bob” -r.i.p.. :p

I do believe in karma!! 😀 As you might know, I lost my phone ages ago and have been using ´Bob´for ages…He turned into quite the companion, and even though he might have looked a bit simple and boring and has been made fun of by others (meanies!), to me he´s been a good friend:) He haven´t gotten lost (-as so many of my other phones have:s), and even though he´s “slipped” out of my hands a billion times, he hasn´t shown any signs of damage:) But because we do live in 2010 (and not 1940 as I believe is the year Bob was created), I was planning on getting a new phone. My problem was just that everything seemed to be touch these day? And even though I´m no stranger to technology, I tend to react a bit like an old lady when it comes to new inventions and just decide that this isn´t for me:p This sunday I went to visit my aunt and her family outside Oslo and you won´t believe my luck! After a bit of embarrassment on my side when I discovered that my 2 cousins (aged almost 8 and 9) had fancier phones than me- my wonderful aunt gave me her (perfectly fine) phone since she just bought a new one. So now I have the ability to txt in norwegian (with the use of æøå), take pictures,

record, listen to music and radio amongst other things 😀 Woop, woop, woop! So even though someone took my last phone (which was pink and lovely)- Karma has now rewarded me with a new phone.. I promise to try and take good care of it! (but because I know me, I´ll keep Bob around for a while- just in case this new one happens to disappear, wind up in the toilet, get run over by a car, fall down stone stairs, go for a swim in a pint of beer or get left behind in a bar somewhere…. hehe:p)


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