Same, same..?

Some things change, while other things stays the same.. I´m older & wiser (-but not necessarily smarter :p), and no matter how old I get, I´ll always be the girl who acts on her feelings and just does things without thinking or considering what´s the more sensible thing to do..:) I´ve been home for a while now, and my feelings towards the choices I´ve made lately haven´t changed- but now I understand why I´ve made them (-after talking to people who know me better than I know myself.. :). It´s almost scary, how I can just about open my mouth (or sometimes not even that´s necessary) for a person to know how I really feel.. In a way it´s very comforting, while on the other hand it makes it impossible to ´keep secrets´ from my dearest:p  At least now I know that all the things I´ve done the last few months are right.. -because my gut- feeling tells me so! (as well as these mind- reading people apparently 🙂 ).

Today I´ve actually been shopping a bit for the first time in what seems like forever.. :s (-and the student loan isn´t even on my account yet… terrible judgement!! ). So now I´m the proud owner of a new blue Friis bag (Danish bag- design:p), and 2 new bikinis… :p Hopefully I´ll get the debt letter in the mail tomorrow so I can sign it, send it back and get my $$!  (I´m in need…:p). It´s like it always seems to be when you´re waiting for something…. -the time just seems to pass by slooooower than ever.. Hmm- I´m aware that I´m probably the most impatient person in the world- which makes the wait seem even longer.. :s But I know the money will get here eventually, and everything will work itself out- and it´s going to be an amazing summer! 😀

Young forever (Jay- Z & Mr. Hudson)

Let’s dance in style
Let’s dance for a while
Heaven can wait we’re only watching the skies
Hoping for the best but expecting the worst
Are you gonna drop the bomb or not?



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