Lost in the woods…

I love going for (speed) walks, and when I´m at home, I do my dog Buffy a favour as well by bringing her along so we both get some exercise:) Today our 1,5 hour walk turned into quite the adventure! We met Bambi (who got scared and ran of before I could snatch a pic), as well as a bunch of 10-year-olds that just finished school and started their summer vacation- and nearly ran me over trying to cuddle a bewildered puppy:p My dad lives on a military- island, and even though it´s cosy as few (:p), with lots of huge greenery and boats etc, big parts of the island has restricted access… So because I´m not here so often, I managed to get a little bit lost (even though the island is the size of a schoolyard… (I´m obviously exaggerating, bu you get the point- it´s tiny:p). Wherever I tried to walk, fences with “forbidden” signs stopped us in our way… I even saw a police tape (do not cross) in the woods.. Wonder what´s happened there?? (spooky!). Oh, well- we managed to get a good walk out of it, and now Buffy´s exhausted so she´ll be lazing around the rest of the night:) I´m still trying to decide if I should go to Oslo or stay here for the weekend.. Cause I´m a tad restless, and even though stuff is happening here 2moz night, I´m kinda going a bit crazy being in such a small place… Don´t get me wrong, it´s nice to see people again, but I tend to feel like the 5th wheel in certain scenarios… 🙂 Can´t wait for next week when all my lovelies will be back!! 😀


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