Catching up..<3

I love summer in Oslo.. Everything’s green, the sun’s up late, there’s smiles everywhere and the whole city is buzzing… 😀 I headed here yesterday for a short visit to my friends Siri & Mag- and we spent the night BBQing and enjoying cold coronas on their cute balcony:) So nice to see them again! 😀 We had a look through some old albums from when we were young and hopeful (;p)- hillarious! :p We all agreed that we look better now that we’ve found a hairstyle and style  in general that actually suits us… (cause there’s been a lot of weird combinations over the years… like hot pink everything.. hehe:p).  Well, if the past is anything to go by, we’ll probably sit around laughing at we’re wearing right now in a few years time…  :p

Now I’m going into town to meet an old friend of mine. We used to travel together when we were younger- all over Europe- twice! 😀 Yup- we’ve experienced quite a bit together- we’ve been lost in Naples, almost drown of all the rain Skopjie, walked around Rome from dawn to dusk, stranded in Malta, mugged in Palermo and partied in Paris…   *Memories:) -But now she just had a baby, ad I’m still studying in Oz -so things have changed! Looking forward to catch up with her though… it’s been too long!

-Have a great day everyone! 😀


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