-grass greener on the other side?

It´s typical to picture the grass on the other side as greener… Not because it´s neccesarily better, but because it´s in our nature to want what we don´t have (or can´t have).. I feel like I´m one of those people who is determined to be happy and I have my full focus on where I am and who I´m with.. (or else it would be hard to be able to enjoy Oz when I´m there and Norway when I´m here..). People that keep searching for that green grass seldom wind up happy…´Cause when they have that green grass they where looking for, the grass isn´t always what it seemed, and they might decide to continue on their quest for greener pastures.. (analogy much?? :p).  Don´t get me wrong, I love being impulsive and making my path as I go- what bothers me are people who are indecisive or unhappy, and instead of making changes, they sit around dreaming about what its´like on the other side without actually ever going there…  I live, I breathe and I feel everything around me… I’m not saying that I´m never insecure or confused (;p hehe), I´m just saying that if I decide to change grass, I´m doing it for the right reasons- because it feels right.. – and if something feels right, it´s just that- right! 🙂

-Cause if you truly believe that the grass is greener on the other side, -jump the fence and go for it! 😀

*Find what makes you happy, and do nothing else*

Let´s go, times a waistin\”

– One of my favourite songs by Cash 🙂


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