Back to ø.. <3

After  a few eventful days after I got back, today has been really quiet.. Because I know my time here is quite limited I tend to try to do something every minute of every single day I´m here- so after a couple of hours of nothingness, I have more or less ´booked´out ever single day of the rest of my stay here in the north:p My dear swedish friend Marie (aka Bluegoon:p) that left Oz to go back home last year, is now coming to visit me in a couple of weeks- yeay!! Sooo looking forward to seeing you sweetie! 😀 I wish I could go to Stockholm next weekend, but since my student loan has not yet arrived (-and even if it did, I really shouldn´t spend the whole amount over summer when there´s rent, uni, food and goon to be bought next semester as well… :p). So I think I might head to Oslo instead- to catch up with some old Gold Coasters:) I´m feeling for all my little busy study-bees in Oz right now- it seems they have all locked themselves in their rooms- studying for xams 24/7 – so it was probably good that I left when I did (-cause I would hate to be the bad influence trying to convince them to go out for “1 beer” when they´re supposed to read… Yup- it´s a good thing I left:).  But I do miss ´La familia´a bit- after all I did spend ever second of the last few months with my darlings… Specially my little Button (now I´m singing along to Cash all by my lonesome.. They don´t really get it here:p). ” It ain´t me babe- no, no, no- it ain´t me babe, it ain´t me your looking for- babe….” 😀 It ain´t me babe

Today I´ll try to change my name back… I know it´s not the most beautiful surame in the world- and the fact that the ø is translated into oe makes it sound a bit weird, but it´s my family´s name after all and I love it ❤ (-and I rather change back right away than to be a vdh when I´m actually not anymore..). It´s just typical that it´s been less than 2 years since I changed it,  and now I have to change it back… :s Well, that´s life! :p


2 Responses to “Back to ø.. <3”

  1. Hugo Says:

    Would you please give Marie a BIG hug from me?

    Enjoy your holidays! 🙂

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