27 going on 17…?

In Surfers we tend to party a bit more than they do in other cities.. There´s lots of different reasons for this:

  • summer all year around lightens the mood and is the perfect atmosphere for óutside beer´(utepils)
  • because we´re a minority (Norwegians) we´re pretty close, but there´s still a lot of us on the GC, so it´s always someones birthday, going away party, housewarming etc – always a reason to celebrate:d
  • cheap beer & wine (compared to Norway)
  • every day is a party in Australia’s Ibiza

So when I went out last night for the first time since I got back home a few days ago I was pretty sure my tolerance for alcohol had reached new limits, but nope.. I had like 4-5 G&T, and felt `tipsy as few´(;p) stumbling my way through Tbg city on 1000 year old paving stone in my high heels….. :s Charming! (-and waking up with a vague memory of talking to people I haven´t seen for ages while trying to focus… Can I blame it on jet lag?? No more drinks for me!! ). I even had to call my dad and ask him to pick us up… Felt like I  was 17 again:s Poor dad- driving to get us in his robe at 4 in the morning:s That´s love! 🙂

Time sure flies…. Now my dear family and friends in Oz are finishing their last assignments and reading for their exams into the wee hours of the morning before it´s time to head home for summer (-or go on adventures around the globe:). The next few weeks are going to be lovely, wonderful, exiting, fun & happy:D -but suddenly I´ll be back in Oz for my first sem as a postgard student… It´s going to be an interesting semester to say at least!! New degree, new roomies (-I´m moving in with my darlings Fraggle & Monty :D) -hmmm- things are changing… Who´d have known? 🙂 I need to buy lots of new things for my new life as a postgrad student.. I need a new phone cause `Bob`is starting to get a bit old poor thing:s  (Bob is my old little sony ericsson that I´m quite sure is from before WW2…  I´ve been using it as ´punishment´ since I accidentally lost my fancy phone last year:s) I need a notebook (-WITH æøå cause it´s driving me crazy not to have these 3 wonderful letters!).. I might even get a pair of glasses (with plain glass since I don´t really need them)- in order to look a bit smarter… :p What do you think?

-Then I´ll be ready to learn lots of new stuff:D


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