My scrunchy- nugget! :D

I love that after over 12 years of friendship, we still laugh at the same things.. Even though we´ve been far apart a lot of the last few years, when we´re together it´s like I never left. We totally get each other not just because we´ve  known each other for half our lives, but because we really see each other for who we truly are..We´ve been through a lot over the years, and have plenty of memories that we can keep us warm during cold winters..:) I´m so lucky to have a friend  like you, and I can´t wait to spent lots of time with you this summer:) Your smile can warm the coldest rock, and your laugh lights up everyone around you:) -You´re the most bubbly person I´ve ever met, and I´m unbelievable lucky to have you in my life:) I love you sweetie!! ❤


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