Summer in the air <3

Risør is kinda like Surfers in a way.. If it’s sunny it’s the BEST place to be, but when it’s raining I don’t really know how to go about my day.. I know the Norwegian summer happens to be a bit unpredictable, and you can’t really plan outdoor activities ahead (bbq, tanning, boat trip etc), but have to look out the window and hope for the best. 😀 No need to complain though, I’m enjoying myself quite a bit;p I spent the whole day yesterday tanning with my sister, eating icicles, bbqing and talking to my friend Marie over wine in the little outdoor tent- thingy outside (cozy as few!!:p). Today I’ll help my sister get ready for a ball (prom), before I head to Tbg with Marie for a weekend of fun:) I always think it’s quite hard to get to see everyone while I’m here due to the fact that everyone’s scattered around most of southern Norway.. So I need to plan ahead in order to see everyone even though I much rather prefer to take everything as it comes and be impulsive as I normally am… But I’ll make planning & impulsiveness work together somehow!! 😀

My summer looks like this (so far):

Now: Risør & Tbg

Next week: Maybe visit my aunt & her family? 😀

(17-19.June: Stockholm?? -depends if I got my student loan etc)

23-27. June: Oslo (St.hans party, girls night and catch up with friends).

1.July: My grandma’s birthday… ❤

8-11.July: Bergen (visit my darlin ML- 2 months without her is just too much!! )

15-17. July: Slottsfjellfestivalen (I hope many GC people will come down and join us! 🙂

Approx. 22.July: Head back to Oz (unistart 26.July- need to be prepared!!)

-And in between these lovely happenings, I’ll be travelling between Oslo, Tbg, Risør and Horten:)

When I break it down like this is when I feel like the summer is to short to do everything I’d like, and spend time with everyone I love.. -therefore it’s necessary to plan ahead a bit:p But I know this summer will be amazing no matter what happens and where I am, and before I know it I’ll be back at uni in Oz..   -Better make the best of every single moment! ❤


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