Sunshine, lollipops & rainbows! :D

Sunnier that anywhere else in Norway, sailboats, white houses, green gardens between small mountains and the sea, people smiling, fresh seafood, family… Bliss!! 😀 I love Risør.. 🙂

Today my friend Nikolai is playing at a pub called Gilhooleys Irish Pub in Brisbane, so I kinda wish I was there… But I send you all my love and support darling- and I know you’ll be great!! If you’re there on the other side of the world in the country of beaches, goon and ‘shrimps on the barbie’- you should most definitely take the trip to Brissy tonight and see him:)

Yesterday was my little sister’s birthday (17… where did the time go? If she’s 17, I must be really old…:s).  It’s so great to see her (and everyone else here in Risør) again after all this time! 😀 A lot has happened the last year, so it takes a few days to catch up with everything- but we’re well on our way:) It kinda takes a bit of time to get used to everything here again (even though the connection with people always seems to stay the same, and it feels like I’ve never left…:). My head has been in a haze since late February, and even though some things are more clear than ever, other things are more blurry than ever before.. It helps in a way to get a new perspective on things (or even just a nod that means you made the right choice), but other things are not in my hands, and the only thing to do is to wait and see what happens.. But I’m sure everything will work out in the end- it always does..:) Today I’m going to be in the sun as much as possible (it’s actually quite hot here, and last summer when I was here I got more tanned after a couple of days in the sun here than I do in Oz..) -so bring on the oil!! ;p My good friend Marie happens to be going to a designer fair here through work for the next couple of days, so she’s joining me for some wine- drinking and catching up later<3

Enjoy your day everyone! I know I will:)


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