Some things are just different here…?

I love internet i Norway!! It´s unbelievable fast (at least compared to what we´re used to in OZ)!!  Feel like I´m in the future or something where everything just works :p Can´t believe how pale I am?? Feel like I should be at least beige being that I´m living in Oz and all…:s Hopefully the sun will show up soon on the northern hemisphere so that vikings can get a tan as well:p Every time I get here, I suddenly feel like every single clothing item I own is wrong somehow.. I love clothes, and I have my own style 100%, but here it just feels weird wearing my big 50ies skirts etc…. A bit to dressy in a way, cause here everybody seems to wear jeans and t-shirts at all times.. Hmm-maybe I can go shopping just a little once my student loan gets here? (I KNOW I shouldn´t, but how can I not? It seems impossible to pass up..). H&M, Gina Tricot and Vera Moda- here I come!! :p -(better just watch my money so I have enough for food, rent and goon next sem as well:p).

-Well, now I have to go- next stop is one of Norway’s “southern pearls”; RISØR! 😀


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