Home again:)

Finally the long trip home to Norway is over and I’m back here safe where I belong:) Can´t believe it´s been a whole year since I was here last? So much has happened, and I’m looking forward to the next 6 weeks here:) After I last wrote, I spent hours at the plaza lounge (where I booked the 4TH ticket from London to Norway with Ryanair…), before the 13 hours trip from KL to London. It went really well (even though they didn’t have a allergy- meal for me, so I had to eat either cheesy lasagna or some chicken- peanut- thingy… Didnt want to go into anaphylactic shock on the plane, so decided not to eat….:p). I sat next to two gentlemen in their 60ies from Melbourne, and they were great company after hours alone (-and they found me ´refreshing´- how nice is that? :D). So now I have an invite to visit them and their families as well as open invite to see their band:). It all went well- until I got to London… I tried to txt ML, but I was out f credit… So I tried to find a computer to recharge online- but no… Both the credit cards declined… Could they really be both completely empty?! I tried an ATM- the same message popped up – DECLINED….- This is not good- what now? Hmmmm. I had 20$ and 35MYR left, so I went to a currency converter and the man there was nice enough to give me 15GBP for all my little notes- wohoooo! I now had enough to check my facebook in search for help- and did I find help!! My darling Sanne both txted my dad to let him know what was up, and recharged for me so then it was all good:) Thanks hun! :) The last flight went well (-even though I fell asleep a lot and got “fallin- asleep- twitches” to the guy next to me´s amusement:p)- and in the other end of the flight was my dear dad:) Now I’ve been eating pølse and candy, cuddled my puppy Buffy, and talked to my darling dad and youngest brother Tomtom for hours, and now it´s time for bed after a looooooooong, hot shower (no water restrictions here!!!!) I’m so thankful that I got here without too much trouble (I mean, it could have been a lot worse!!). Tomorrow I’m going to see my little sister who’s turning 17 and my mum (after visiting my nana at the hospital:s), and this weekend I´ll heng out with my dear scrunchy- nugget:p -And to top it all up, lanekassen has sent the letter for me to sign, so now life’s good! 😀 Nite, everyone!


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