The adventures of a weird little girl….

It’s not often I get annoyed by my own ‘scatteredness’ – but omg am I annoyed now! After changing the dates of the flights from GC- KL and KL- London 2 times, I apparently got a bit confused and mixed up the times… This resulted in that I booked Ryanair London- Norway one day after I arrive there (-and who is keen on spending 24 h at a tiny airport after a long travel when your that close to home??). I also booked a hotel close to the airport in KL because I thought I had 24 hours to kill here, and that it would be nice to sleep in a nice bed, shower (maybe even suntan- it’s 35 degrees here?), but no… I suddenly realised that my flight was not only booked the wrong day, but also that I happen to have 9 h in KL not 24… And to make matters worse, the wonderful hotel that I paid 450NOK for, was next to ANOTHER international airport in  KL, – and of course it’s too far away for it to be worth going there…. What a waste of money?! I was also stopped in the passport- thingy on the way out of Aus, cause apparently my visa expired the 4th… (oooops!). I didn’t realise why they asked me to wait at the time, but yup- I’m 3 days late according to my visa label… Luckily it went alright, and no harm done (I even got a smile from the immigration officer- maybe they’re happy to have had me here for so long? What a nice person- I love OZ!! :). I have traveled plenty of times before, so it amazes me that I can be so blah now?? ( I guess my mind has been elsewhere the last few days… -that can happen to the best of us when the bubble you’ve been living in for months suddenly bursts and you have to face ‘reality’….). Well, not to worry- I found a little plaza lounge (that off course also cost money- but hey, what else is there to do here??). So now I’ll be hanging here surfing the internet and drinking coffee in a wonderful quiet place for the next 3 hours before I can check in, and then I’m allowed to go to an even fancier lounge where they have showers (:D), ‘free’ dinner, massage chairs etc- bliss! 😀  -Then it will be time for be to board the next plane:) I have to say I’m a bit embarrassed this time… I know my weird stories are amuseing to you all (:p), but it causes a lot of extra work (and money), as well as being a stress factor… (even tho I’m so used to it that I rather laugh than cry over it these days…:p). Even though the journey is long, and full of obstacles (even though they’re created by yours truly :p), what’s waiting for me in the other end is soooooooooo worth it:D I just hope I’ll get my student loan fast, cause all these little extra payments have almost drained my credit card dry…:s But not to worry- I’m sure everything will work out as it always does:D Now I’m going to taste some of the scrumtious buffet here at the ‘lounge’ 🙂 (-remember what you said Issie- what else is there to do when you’re travelling alone then eat?:p). -also, I take back everything I’ve said about airplane food… Airasia does NOT have the same ‘standard’ food I’m used to + I forgot to book a lactose free meal, so I’ll be eating plenty at the airport in order to make up for a 13 hours long flight without food…:s). Enjoy the rest of your day everyone, and for my darlings in Oz that are going home in a few days/weeks, remember to triple check every single detail on your flights etc so you don’t ‘wind up’ like this little girl right here… (I know it’s a long shot, cause these things rarely happens to anyone but me, but anyways, now I’ve mentioned it -just in case there are more weirdos like me out there;p).


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