I might as well be on the moon….

The worst thing about being on the opposite side of the world from your family and friends, is when something bad happens to someone you love.. A few weeks ago my friends’ granddad got sick, and even though he seemed to hang in there for a while, unluckily he passed before my friend got home for summer.. This morning I got news that my grandma is ill, and that really got to me… I’ll be home in 5 days, and I can’t wait to hug all the people who I love and make sure that they know how much they mean to me… I keep thinking that I should have written… I should have visited more often.. It’s hard when you’re as far away as if you where on ‘the moon’, and I can’t help but feeling helpless every time something has happened at home and I can’t be there… But everything always turns out good in the end- in one way or another -and I know it will now as well… Only tonight, Saturday and Sunday left here, then 56 hours of travelling (-and standby in KL and London)- and I’ll be back home:) See you soon my sweets! Remember that I LOVE YOU  ❤


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