<3 on my sleeve… :)

I just got back from having cocktails with ML and Helene after watching SATC 2 premiere…. -happiness:D Those 4 girls always make me smile no matter what’s going on in my life, and remind me how lucky I am to have equally good friends in my life as Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda are to each other…<3 And after a couple of years since the last movie, I was keen to see how the girls are doing..:p Loved it! 😀

-Now I suddenly only have 4 more days in Oz before I head home for summer.. so I better make the most of every moment (-even though I’m coming back for another semester though:) In less than a week I’ll be surrounded by my family and friends for about 6 wonderful weeks- bliss! It’s been the weirdest 4 months of my life I’m sure, and even though I have lots of wonderful people around me down under (-and have even been luck enough to add a few more wonderful people to my close- knit- circle here in Oz- yes, I’m talking about you Matte, Monty & Fraggle:D), it will be nice to see my ‘old’ friends again after all this time.. I’ve missed you guys!! A lot has happened these last few months, so it will probably be good to take myself out of the situation in order to let everything that’s happened sink in and to process thoughts, feelings etc…(bla, bla, bla:s).  I’m the type of person that lives and feels with everything that I am- and as I’ve mentioned before, I have my feelings written all over my face at all times.. I seldom sit down and think about what, why, how etc- I just do whatever feels right in the moment it feels right.. People have told me that they wish they too where more impulsive, but for me it’s sometimes the other way around.. I put myself out there a lot (- in all kinds of situations), and because of that, I keep winding up in situations where I’ve made myself vulnerable… But this way of being is all that I know, and no matter what happens in my life, I know it’s because I in some way have chosen to be there…  -and when it turns out good, it’s sooooooo worth it:D -I’m wearing my heart on my sleeve<3

A bit of a late night babbeling from my part, I know:p It must be a bit of an emotional ‘overload’ in here, so I feel the need to spill at certain times;)


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