Why be mean when there´s cupcakes??

What´s happening to our beloved Surfers? I´ve been here for quite some time, and even though I´m very aware of some fist- fighting happening between drunk- hormone- filled bogans from time to time, I´ve never experienced more unprovoked violence ever than in the last couple of weeks.. More than 4 episodes have happened in the last couple of weeks where friends of friends have been attacked without having engaged in conversation or even glanced at the person they have been assaulted by.. You´re probably thinking “yea, sure it´s unprovoked.. Everybody says that.. They probably threw some comments/punches/evil- stares etc and got what they deserved”- but let me tell you- that´s not the case. A guy I know to be a genuine nice guy who wouldnt hurt a fly, got punched in the face walking to a pub, and now has a scar in the middle of his face to prove it.. Another couple (that are friends of a friend) was driving home from a date when some people suddenly started kicking their car, and when they got out of the car to see what was up they got bashed (- the girl too..), and to top it off, my dear friend ´button´ was punched in the face by a guy that came out of a bathroom cubicle last night.. Seriously, what´s up?! This behaviour is NOT oki! Is it a new trend that has swept the coast, or just pure coincidence? Either way, I hope this is the end of it, and that people stop going out for other reasons than to have a good time with their friends, cause this just isn´t right.. But not to worry- I still feel safe here. You might think it sounds naive, but bad stuff like this can happen anywhere at any time (even back home in my beloved Oslo), and the only thing you can really do´, is to never walk alone after dark, take care of each other and be nice to people you meet… So today- as a bit of a contrast to all this, I decided to bake pink cupcakes and walk around the neighbourhood to our friends, and treat them to a little sweet break in their studying- just because I think it´s important to show that you care:D Maybe these mean- guys just haven´t had anyone bake them pink cupcakes before, and if they did, they would be totally different people? (-I know this sound  bit blonde, but just bear with me;). -Who knows.. I guess everybody have a reason for why they´re acting the way they´re acting, but for next time you feel the urge to hit a perfect stranger for no reason at all- just don´t…


One Response to “Why be mean when there´s cupcakes??”

  1. Ida Says:

    …and they were lovely! Marius loved them too! ❤

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