Another one of my theories:

I believe that when something is right, it’s usually easy… Not that everything should come easy, or be simple to be right, but rather that when you keep struggling to make something happen, and get let down over and over,  I think it’s because it’s not the right thing.. I’m aware of that ‘life isn’t a dance on rose petals’, but I believe that what makes life worth living, is the things that make you happy- that make you smile.. 😀 Find what you love and do nothing else.. I’ve been in ‘limbo’ for most of this semester (-if I can call it that when I haven’t studied?), and even though there’s a lot of things to figure out still (!!), the practical stuff seems to go my way for the firts time in ages.. Like applying for a  masters degree: I was told it could take up to 2 weeks to receive the acceptance letter, but got it after 2 days… Or the transcript for my online course that would take about 1 week, was in the mailbox 2 days later.. Or when I handed in all the papers yesterday at uni (acceptance of offer, c- form etc), and it was supposed to take a few days, and then I was called less than 24 hours later letting me know that my COE (confirmation of enrolment) is now ready for pickup already… What this makes me feel is that its right- because it’s going my way:) So now, all of a sudden I’m planning on going back to Oz and uni in late July.. How did this happen?? Even though this (like most other good things in my life:) wasn’t planned, I think it will work out to be pretty great:)

Ps.. I’m sorry that I haven’t talked to you guys at home about this choice, but it all happend so unbelievable fast.. One day I was thinking about my options, the next I applied, and suddenly I’m about to enrol.. But you should know that this feels right- and it’s going to make my CV look a lot better, so it an’t be that bad, hey? And I’ll be home both for summer in 2 weeks (:D woop, woop!!), and for xmas for sure and I’ll make sure that you grow tired of me the weeks I’m there;p Love you!! ❤


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