Crazy shoes in funny colours & leather jackets..

-Spontaneous beers, dinner with friends, Surf Club, goon bowling, rooftop party, bikers party, bad taste party and movies all day sunday… What a weekend! 😀 This life isn’t for the faint hearted- and you have to be sure to take good care of yourself in the midst of all these social events (- or what do you say froggy? ;p – poor thing..).  Now it’s Monday, and I only have 2 more weeks here in Oz before I head home for summer vacation- time sure flies!! I finally handed in all my papers at uni today, so in a couple of days I can apply for student loan and a new student visa and then I’m ready for a new semester:D I’m actually really looking forward to starting my post grad.. I’ll probably eat my words once I’m back to uni- life and the constantly feeling the combination being so tired that I fall asleep on my laptop, while I’m hyped up on coffee… But before I’m back in this wonderful scenario, I’ll go home to the beautiful Norwegian summer and see my wonderful friends & family- wohoooo! 😀

Here are some pictures from this weekend:)


Me & ML at Surf Club                                                                                                           Wohoo- bowling! 😀

Bowling- time!                                                                                               – gotta love the shoes;p


Marius & Anders                                                                                                                 ML  & me


Stein- one of the Markwell riders boys;p                                     What a bunch of people! 😀

-thank’s for yet another great weekend guys! 😀


One Response to “Crazy shoes in funny colours & leather jackets..”

  1. May Linn Says:

    WellMark 4 ever 🙂 ❤

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